PxPoint Geocoder

A Parcel-level Geocoding Engine—PxPoint™. The Best Choice for all GIS Applications. 

Is your GIS data up to par or are you still contending with “close enough”? For industries who demand more extensive and accurate geocoding, there is a new standard in parcel-level GIS applications.

Designed by CoreLogic, a pioneer in geocoding technology, PxPoint is a parcel-level geocoding engine at its best, providing precise address standardization for a variety of industries. In fact, PxPoint is the geocoding engine crucial to the accuracy behind our own industry-leading Flood and Spatial business.

Unlike other geocoding engines that produce “best guess” determinations, PxPoint uses multiple data sources to convert physical addresses or locations into precise geographic coordinates. Advancements in data quality including street geometry information, street-segment attribution, postal delivery locations and individual property parcels are integrated, enabling you to:

  • Identify points inside or near the property
  • Establish distance to coastline, river(s) or other natural hazard areas
  • Spatially compute feature types like point, line and polygon

PxPoint is based on the largest parcel data set available today. Over 144 million parcel boundaries are added to and maintained quarterly by our GIS professionals. The geocoder can also provide property ownership information and associated property data such as natural hazard risk areas. 

With its exceptional parcel coverage, accuracy and data currency, PxPoint helps to eliminate false positives and provides the valuable insights needed by a wide variety of industries.

The PxPoint™ Parcel-level Geocoder supports:

  • Post code centroids, city centroids and intersections
  • Address standardization
  • Distance-to-nearest
  • Any map feature type: point, line, polygon
  • Multiple data sets including U.S. parcel boundaries and ordinance survey, premium street data and client shapefiles
  • Open architecture that seamlessly integrates into a client’s framework
  • Open GIS standards

PxPoint parcel-based geocoder

Choose a Delivery Option for our Location Information Products That Best Compliments your IT Solution and Business

At CoreLogic, we offer several ways oil and gas; telecom, utilities and a host of other industries can access our industry-leading data:

  • Spatial Web Services (SWS)– An interface that delivers a set of services and tools that allow you to easily integrate natural hazard risk, tax jurisdiction, parcel, and geocoding data directly into your applications. Using a RESTful API, you can now stream our geographic and natural hazard risk data to a variety of platforms and programming languages including Java, .Net, and PHP. Learn More.
  • Xiance®– An ordering and delivery platform with positionally accurate tax jurisdiction and natural hazard solutions through the web—up to 100,000 files at a time—to help you make smarter business decisions. Learn more.
  • Shapefiles are available for you to load into your existing infrastructure.
  • Our Consulting Services are comprised of leading GIS scientists, insurance professionals, and senior professional software developers. This team collaborates to craft end-to-end solutions that can be easily deployed and sustained in-house or via our Web Services.

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