RETS Professional

Enhanced RETS Management and Monitoring

RETS Professional gives you greater insight and more control over your RETS services.  The program’s enhanced RETS management and monitoring capabilities include user-level data analysis, IP address filtering, data and image tagging, data quotas, data throttling, and more.


  • Analyze RETS usage
  • Control data access
  • Monitor for abuse
  • Prevent unauthorized data distribution



RETS Data Analysis

Provides a searchable, user-level analysis of RETS usage, including number of listings and photos downloaded, total bandwidth used, etc.

IP Address Filtering

Allows administrators to permit or deny access to the RETS server based on a specific IP address or an IP address range.

RETS UPDATE Transaction

Brings full support of the RETS UPDATE transaction to allow listing data and images to be added, edited, and deleted from the MLS via RETS. All of your MLS data integrity rules are automatically exposed in RETS standard metadata form.

Data & Image Tagging

Provides a deterrent to unauthorized data distribution and a mechanism for identifying the responsible parties. Data tagging works by appending to selected fields the User ID of the downloading user or visible text such as “Copyright…” or Courtesy of….” Image tagging automatically adds custom information to the file headers of downloaded photos.

Data Quotas & Throttling

RETS administrators can configure a daily, weekly or monthly quota for each application group; when a quota is exceeded, the application can send e-mail alerts and suspend RETS access.

Service Level Agreement

RETS Professional customers benefit from a Service Level Agreement that guarantees the ongoing performance of their RETS service regardless of any future demands that may occur. (Includes the cost to upgrade hardware and software as required.)

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