Time for Innovative Profit-Making 

The residential mortgage-backed securities market has shifted from uncertainty to a relatively settled “new normal” in just a few months. Happily most of the business verities still apply—some more now than ever. But many underlying market assumptions and the actions based on them are no longer relevant, representing new challenges.

The 2015 CoreLogic New York Symposium will explore these challenges—and more--- and show how some apparent profitability killers can be mined for new opportunities—providing you a wealth of timely, critical business insights at no cost and little investment of time.

Should You Go to the 2015 Symposium?

Whether you’re in mortgage origination, servicing, securities, research, or regulatory, this year’s Symposium can help you discover real, innovative profitability in a brave new marketplace.

Register to Join Us in New York

To attend this year’s event, we ask that you first register online at the 2015 CoreLogic Symposium webpage.* If you need more information about the 2015 Symposium, please contact us by email or by calling (415) 536-3500.

*Vendors and consultants must obtain prior CoreLogic consent in order to attend the 2015 New York Symposium. To get this consent, please email your request to Allyson Reynolds.

2015 CoreLogic Symposium Agenda

Our 2015 New York Symposium will be divided into four sessions—plus a continental breakfast and mid-morning break—each featuring seasoned experts supported by the latest data and most sophisticated analytics:

7:00 AM - Registration and breakfast
8:20 AM - Welcoming Comments
Mike Ceppetelli, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets and Government Solutions
8:30 AM -

2015 Outlook for U.S. Housing and Mortgage Markets

Dr. Frank Nothaft, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at CoreLogic, will provide an economic overview of the housing and mortgage markets in 2015, including forecasts of the macro economy, mortgage and housing markets, and topically important market trends. Formerly Vice President/chief economist at Freddie Mac and a Federal Reserve economist, Dr. Nothaft teaches real estate economics at Georgetown University.

9:20 AM -

MSRs—The Game is Changing: What are the Rules? Who Wins (or Loses)?

Dave Hurt, Vice President of global capital markets / data & analytics, will host a panel to explore how the mortgage servicing rights marketplace has been—and is being—upended by the Dodd-Frank constellation of regulations. With wide industry experience, Dave will focus on identifying new approaches to creating and maximizing returns in the new MSR market while avoiding a minefield of built-in, potentially costly pitfalls. Panelists:

Michael Drayne
Senior Vice President
Ginnie Mae

Michael Dubeck
President and CEO
Planet Mortgage
Planet Financial Group

Paul Thomas
Chief Operating Officer
Pingora Asset Management

10:05 AM - Mid-morning break
10:20 AM -

The GSEs are Here to Stay—Now What?

Alanna McCargo, Vice President of government solutions, will be joined by an expert panel to discuss how the market will shift in light of the agency and non-agency standards, and initiatives underway. The panel will address the impact of the securitization platform, introduction of a single security, new industry data, RMBS regulation and how the rise of credit risk sharing deals change the game in the future. Panelists:

Eric Kaplan
Managing Director, Mortgage Finance
Shellpoint Partners

Stephen Clinton
SVP, Strategic Initiatives
Freddie Mac

Steven Abrahams
Managing Director, Head of MBS & Securitization Research
Deutsche Bank

11:10 AM -

Understanding and Managing House Price Risk

Michael Bradley, Senior Vice President of modeling & analytics, will moderate a panel to examine alternative views of house price volatility and how new analytic methods and financial products can help the capital markets understand and mitigate risk. Michael’s wealth of experience includes leading model-development teams at Citigroup and Freddie Mac and serving as an economist at both the Federal Reserve and the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS). Panelists:

Paul E. Carrillo
Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs
George Washington University

Ronel Elul
Senior Economic Advisor and Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Kelly Haughton
Chief Executive Officer
Global Index Group

Steven Laufer
Economist, Household and Business Spending
Division of Research & Statistics
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

12:00 PM - Conclusion

2015 Symposium Session Leaders

Speakers at the four Symposium sessions:

Dr. Frank Nothaft, PhD

Dr. Frank Nothaft, PhDDr. Frank Nothaft, CoreLogic Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, is responsible for the company’s research and insights strategy, leading a world class team of research economists in addressing issues that face the industries and leaders we serve. Dr. Nothaft has more than thirty years experience researching, analyzing, and forecasting housing and mortgage markets and planning government public policy. Formerly Vice President and Chief Economist at Freddie Mac, he has also been a Federal Reserve economist. With a PhD from Columbia, he teaches real estate economics at Georgetown University.



Michael Bradley, PhD

Michael Bradley Michael Bradley, Senior Vice President, head of CoreLogic modeling & analytics, leads our decision-modeling and research groups, with responsibility for RiskModel®, AVMs, fraud models, collateral review tools, rental analytics, and the CoreLogic HPI™ suite of home price indexes. Michael previously led collateral and risk management model-development teams at Citigroup and Freddie Mac and served as an economist at the Federal Reserve and Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS). He earned a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.



Dave Hurt

Dave HurtVice President of global capital markets - data and analytics, Dave Hurt has extensive mortgage banking and capital markets experience—frequently speaking at MBA, AMF, and IMN events. His broad industry background, including stints as Senior Vice President at GE Capital Mortgage and GE Capital, Senior Vice President of the North American Mortgage Company, and Regional Director of Secondary Marketing at the PMI Group, enables Hurt to peer authoritatively under the covers of the industry’s new framework and spot potent new opportunities.



Alanna McCargo

Alanna McCargoAlanna McCargo, Vice President of government solutions, has an intimate understanding of the GSEs and their performance under government conservatorship, having previously been senior director of portfolio management, director of finance, senior product manager, and director of marketing/communications at Fannie Mae. With a solid track record delivering data, analytics, and products that meet regulatory, market, and business needs, McCargo offers real understanding of and insight into the potential of the new GSE reality.

2015 CoreLogic New York Symposium
Uncovering Opportunity in the New Normal

Presentations made by moderators and panelists at the 2015 CoreLogic New York Symposium are available below. They are available only to registered attendees (plus local clients and prospects) and accessing them will require a password.

Presentations are available for the following 2015 Symposium sessions:

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