MarketTrends: Emerging Real Estate Market Trends

The CoreLogic MarketTrends solution is the industry's only monthly neighborhood data report on home sales, market distress and mortgage performance.

MarketTrends provides key data points related to market health, delinquency and foreclosures along with short sales, REO sales and new sales transactions that can be used to identify potential markets for opportunity, risks, valuation trends, performance analysis, benchmarking, and analyzing the local real estate cycle.

The MarketTrends one-hour webinar, held on September 28, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. PST, focused on utilizing the CoreLogic MarketTrends for business applications including:

  • Identifying hard, soft or "at risk" markets
  • Monitoring real estate trends at zip, county, CBSA, state, and national levels to develop and fine-tune investment strategies
  • Evaluating markets by delinquency and foreclosure activity, negative equity trends and sales by type

Featured presenter:

  • MarketTrends: Molly Boesel – CoreLogic Senior Economist

Here's your chance to get started fast-in a single fascinating hour.

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The CoreLogic MarketTrends solution delivers the most comprehensive early view of current real estate market health trends, a critical factor in determining investment risks. Whatever your role, success in the real estate market space requires greater insight to market health and flexibility when hedging positions, rebalancing portfolios, or speculating on movements in the real estate market.

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