Mortgage Fraud Roundtable

Got Fraud? Sure You Do. It's Everywhere. Let’s Take a Stand Against Fraud.

Welcome to the Mortgage Fraud Roundtable
Sharing a Common Goal: Powerful Fraud Detection, Prevention and Elimination

Mortgage Fraud RoundTableHow much is fraud costing your business? How much is fraud costing you? Too much. We are taking a stand. We are fighting against fraud. We are not going to back down. Are you ready to join us?

The Mortgage Fraud Roundtable is a free, one-hour webinar that brings industry leaders together—from the private and public sectors--to collectively learn how to better detect and combat mortgage fraud. By sharing insight, knowledge and best practices, participants are empowered to spot emerging fraud trends and patterns that can help uncover criminal activity.

The Mortgage Fraud Roundtable Can Help You:

  • Identify emerging schemes
  • Share best practices to prevent fraud
  • Learn “insider’s insight” from high-profile guest speakers
  • Stay on top of the latest fraud trends
  • Minimize fraud loss
  • Optimize existing fraud management solutions
  • Network with industry peers, including many of the nation’s top lenders

Who Can Benefit from the Mortgage Fraud Roundtable?

  • Banking and mortgage regulators
  • Valuation professionals
  • Underwriters
  • Loan officers
  • Fraud prevention managers
  • Real estate attorneys
  • You…

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