NCSHA 2011 Annual

Negative Equity Information and More at the NCSHA 2011 Annual Conference

Helping state agencies anticipate and assess changes

Stock market fluctuations and talks of a double-dip recession are making it difficult for state agencies and residents alike. Fighting through the uncertainty means arming yourself with in-depth knowledge about current trends, prices, equity balances and more. As the nation's largest homeownership and property data and analytics provider, we have solutions to help you cut through the fog and understand where your state stands and where it's headed.

Real Estate and Borrower Data

Find out which areas are being hit the hardest and assess the impact with our detailed information that covers more than 99% of the U.S. population and 97% of U.S. residential properties. Our data solutions include:

  • HPI and HPI Forecast – Uncover recent and future pricing trends using our housing price index and forecasting model.
  • MarketTrends – Get a quick grip on your market through our combination of ZIP-code-level details on sales, prices, foreclosures and more.
  • ValueTrends – See AVM valuations for every property in a given ZIP code with analysis.

Risk Management

Assess risk and uncover fraud using our patented predictive modeling and verification services based on our unrivaled databases, including:

  • LoanSafe Risk Manager – Evaluate fraud and collateral risk using pattern identification, predictive modeling and an easy-to-read scoring system.
  • OwnerConnect – Connect borrowers to mortgage information to help understand borrower position and intent.
  • IncomeAdvisor – Quickly assess income validity based on geographical and tax-related characteristics.
  • SSN Verification – Discover whether a Social Security number (SSN) is valid and if any potential identify conflicts exist.


Go beyond stated value in MLSs to discover the real market value for individual or multiple properties using our industry-leading AVM cascades, including:

  • GeoAVM Cascade Suite – Retrieve more accurate valuations using our host of AVM cascades that feature geopreferencing to find the best valuation based on property location.
  • GeoAVM Distressed – Take advantage of our AVM fine tuned to deliver conservative, realistic, and reliable valuations on distressed properties.

Custom Data Solutions

Put our vast resources to work by requesting a customized solution that provides ZIP code-level data integrated with your systems, including:

  • Regularly updated data sets
  • GIS and spatial information
  • Equity information
  • And more!

October 3, 2011

San Diego, CA

Stop by Booth #8 to receive your free negative-equity report and enter to win an Apple® iPad® 2!


To set up an appointment with a representative at NCSHA or simply find out more about our solutions, please contact:

Tracie Wilson
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