Symposium Series 2011

This series has now concluded.

Back to the Future—Reclaiming Our Inner Optimist

As the economy returns to healthy growth, real estate begins balancing supply and demand, and the RMBS marketplace finds its first solid footing, a widespread belief is emerging that the worst may actually be over. The future looks a lot better now than it did even a few short months ago. In this transitional moment, the 2011 Symposium Series will offer answers to some of the knottiest questions about the future—drawing on the Industry’s largest databases and most sophisticated analytics tools.

Double Series for 2011

This year’s Symposium Series will actually be two series—one focused on loan origination, the other on capital markets. Both series will explore timely topics with expert analysis of the latest CoreLogic real estate and property data, LoanPerformance mortgage and securities data, and Credco fraud and demographic data. Each topic will be relevant to immediate prospective personal growth for professionals in the origination, servicing, securities and regulatory fields.

The Two Series

Capital Market Series


  • What to Expect As the Recession Recedes
  • Capital Markets Today
  • Due Diligence, Advisory Solutions and Applications

Location and Date:

  • The Capital Market Series has concluded.

Origination and Servicing Series


  • What to Expect As the Recession Recedes
  • Tailoring Loan Treatments to the Real World
  • Taming Repurchases, Short Sales & Foreclosures
  • How to Manage Defaults without Losing Your Sense of Humor
  • Default Servicing Roundtable

2011 Symposiums Presentations

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