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Rewriting the Rules for Whole Loans


Restoring investor confidence in securitization means rewriting the rules of risk evaluation--starting with whole loans and whole loan portfolios.


New Diligence™ for Whole Loans

Rebuilding the non-agency securitization marketplace has proven to be so difficult because its collapse was triggered by a deep-seated failure—a breakdown of trust between buyers and sellers. The market’s faith in highly-rated, poorly-understood financial rockets was suddenly replaced by the frightening realization that what was supposed to keep going up—was coming down fast.

From that moment on, the old rules no longer applied.

Restoring investor trust requires new rules—rules that can either be imposed by new government regulations or defined and championed by the industry itself. Since “securitizations gone wild” still get most of the ink, whole loan trading is at risk of being undermined by the same opaque and confusing hazards that helped destroy­ the non-agency RMBS market—jeopardizing the recovery of investor trust from the start.

New Diligence™ for Whole Loans rewrites the rules, eliminating the hazards and creating the conditions for renewed buyer-seller trust by replacing cloudy, ambiguous portfolio risk estimates with detailed, dynamic, verifiable pool- and loan-level risk evaluations.

It does this through rigorous due diligence that augments your loan files with dynamic public record and proprietary data, cutting-edge valuations, and stochastic predictive modeling, to uncover loan-level portfolio risks—credit, collateral, compliance or buyback—that affect your returns, no matter what your perspective.

New Diligence for Whole Loans rebuilds confidence in the trading process via our industry-leading data, high-speed analytics, and cost-effective expertise—so you can make quick, smart business decisions that succeed even in a still-uncertain environment.

Meet Our Experts

At ASF 2012, January 22-25 at the ARIA in Las Vegas, you can learn directly from our New Diligence for Whole Loans designers how these new services let you take full advantage of our data, analytics, and expertise to anchor your decisions and rebuild market trust. To learn more, visit the CoreLogic booth or contact us at:

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January 22-25
ARIA Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Apple® iPad2

To introduce you to New Diligence™ for Whole Loans, we’re inviting ASF attendees to see what a difference our dynamic new rules approach to your whole loan efforts can make.

Following your custom parameters, we’ll produce a no-cost Portfolio Analysis that illustrates a project framework, proposed timeline, cost range, and array of CoreLogic® and other resources that would be utilized to make the results as effective as possible for your purposes.

To take advantage of this opportunity, either visit the CoreLogic booth at ASF, fill out the form to the right, or contact one of our New Diligence for Whole Loans experts:

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Date:   Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Time:   3:55 PM – 4:55 PM
Session:   Mortgage Litigation
Room:   Pinyon Ballrooms 1 & 2
Description:   A debate on current litigation risks and trends, with a heightened focus on RMBS.
  • An overview of mortgage-backed security litigation developments in 2011: what significant new cases and government enforcement efforts have been brought and what key cases and issues have been decided?
  • What role is being played, and should be played, by securitization trustees and servicers regarding the resolution of put-back claims? Should future transactions include independent due diligence providers?
  • What have courts held – or should they hold – regarding the need to show a relationship between alleged mortgage underwriting misrepresentations and losses sustained by investors/monoline insurers?
  • What is the proper way to measure damages allegedly suffered by investors in mortgage-backed securities, and how can/should a forensic review of individual loan files factor into that analysis?


Speakers:   Brendan Keane, Senior Vice President, Advisory and Valuation Services, CoreLogic
Scott Walker, Counsel, Lowenstein Sandler PC (MODERATOR)
Doneene Damon, Director, Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.
Barry Levin, Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Kathy Patrick, Partner, Gibbs & Bruns, LLP
Phoebe Winder, Partner, K&L Gates LLP

Click on the "Special ASF Opportunity" tab to learn about a unique offer for ASF attendees!

Stop by the CoreLogic® booth to learn more about our Capital Markets solutions and enter to win an Apple® iPad2!

January 22-25
ARIA Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Apple® iPad2