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Using our resources to improve lives

We are CoreLogic. A company that captures data driven property insights to help power the global real estate economy. Our insights make dreams come true...including the dream of home ownership. 

The full power of our data and insights is unleashed by our talented team. This team is the foundation of our diverse and inclusive culture. We encourage our team members to bring their point of view at work every day, to contribute to building our insights and the value we add. 

By connecting clients to better information, we are improving the way people live, the way our industry operates, and making dreams come true. CoreLogic is committed to helping transitioning veterans power their careers after their military service.


LeaP - Operational Leadership Program

About the Program

CoreLogic is continually developing top operating talent to support our growing business. As our business evolves, we look to high performing talent to accelerate our transformation, sponsor innovation and drive performance.

CoreLogic has created LeaP - an Operational Leadership Program specifically for transitioning Junior Military Officers with demonstrated operations, logistics and leadership experience to add the insights of military veterans to our team.

LeaP is a rotational program designed to promote accelerated development for transitioning junior military officers to leadership positions within our core operating areas of the business. Through a series of three rotations, LeaP Associates have the opportunity to learn about our operational business units, engage in quality and process improvement initiatives and ultimately advance to management roles in operations at the completion of the program.

LeaP is a formal experiential training and development program designed to accelerate the transition to leading in the private sector while taking advantage of the knowledge, learning and experience gained through active military service.

Will you take the LeaP?

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Engineering, MIS or a related field with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Previous demonstrated leadership experience.
  • Previous operational experience with a track record of successfully completing projects and assignments.
  • Knowledge of Lean or Six Sigma methodologies preferred.
  • Successful experience navigating high volume, fast-paced, change-oriented environments.
  • Strong written/ verbal communication skills; strong interpersonal skills and presentation abilities with the ability to effectively and proactively communicate with individuals at all levels of the organization.
  • Collaborative style; ability to develop and maintain effective internal and external working relationships.
  • Strong analytical skills; solid decision making capabilities coupled with the ability to analyze situations and recommend solutions. Sound judgment.
  • Ability to recognize and support the organization’s preferences and priorities.
  • Effective at managing multiple priorities under tight deadlines, ability to deliver solid and consistent results by bringing assignments to successful completion. Strong organization and prioritization skills.
  • Strong financial and technical acumen.

James Han
James Han
LeaP, Leadership Program Associate
"The Leadership Program at CoreLogic provides an outstanding opportunity for a military officer to transition into a career in business. The rotations have allowed me to explore various career functions such as operations, sales, compliance, product management, and many other aspects of the business. Throughout the program, I was able to develop my business skills and knowledge through formal training or by gaining hands on experience during my individual rotations.

The Leadership Program Associate is a high visibility position with access to all leaders within the organization. From my first day at CoreLogic, I was able to build my network and learn from many leaders within the company. I truly believe that the Leadership Program has set me up for success and I look forward to making a lasting impact at CoreLogic."

Stephen Quesinberry
LeaP Alumni 2017
"The CoreLogic LeaP program offers a rare opportunity to learn, develop, and prepare for a career with endless opportunities. Being able to rotate across different business units has given me unique perspective and exponentially increased my capacity to lead, manage, and collaborate in the future. Within my first few weeks, I felt exceptionally well-connected to business leaders throughout the organization.

As a transitioning service member, I was uncertain of how I would best fit into an organization. The LeaP program has provided me the opportunity to learn, while simultaneously evaluating my interests and determining how I can best impact the organization. I am looking forward to a challenging yet, rewarding career here at CoreLogic!"

Colby Park
LeaP Alumni 2017
"Transitioning out of the military can be a challenge. “What career field do I want to go into? Where can I leverage my strengths to provide the most benefit? What does “Operations” mean in the Corporate Environment?” These were all questions that I had during my transition. CoreLogic has created an incredible Leadership Rotational Program (LeaP) that has facilitated an environment to help answer all these questions and more. The LeaP program is a 12 to 18 month, 3 rotation program that allows the Associate to learn at a crawl, walk, and run pace.

During CoreLogic’s LeaP Program, you have the opportunity to become connected with the senior leaders in the Company, instantly building your internal network. You will immediately be put into a business segment that wants and needs your innovation and ideas by giving you responsibility over a meaningful project(s). Each project will put you in a position to grow your network and work with many different business segments throughout the Company. Throughout the program you will gain exposure to CoreLogic and will get a better idea of where you want your career to go. Ultimately, you will be given a team and put into a Management position as a people leader to demonstrate your skill sets."

Support for our Veterans

Our Employee Resource Groups are grassroots employee forums that foster greater understanding and insight of cultural diversity. These networks exist to as a forum for meaningful and supportive relationship building that inspire personal and professional development.

The Veterans Council’s mission is to recognize, connect, and support our military community by empowering employees to provide a network of support and community involvement and to strengthen CoreLogic as a leading military and business partner.

We provide opportunities for CoreLogic employees to be involved with veteran interests, participate in community events, and gain leadership experience.

CoreLogic has a strong reputation as a valued partner in driving meaningful change through a variety of civic engagements that strengthen the financial and social well-being of our communities. Service is embedded in what we do and collectively our employees act as a catalyst to elevate and unlock the potential of individuals and nurture community growth by donating their expertise and time to worthy causes.

We broaden our reach by partnering with a variety of philanthropic charities and nonprofit organizations that advocate for making a meaningful difference in the lives of others through positive actions. Our targeted areas of focus are charities supporting financial independence for Children, Elderly, Local Communities, Veterans and Women.

Our primary strategic veteran community outreach partners include The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Please briefly share your military experience.

I spent 14 years in the military in two different branches. I was on active duty with the Marine Corps and spent the last several years in the Army reserves finishing as a Signal Officer in Los Angeles. Honor, courage and commitment were the values that guided us.

Please briefly describe your role and scope of responsibilities at CoreLogic.

I am a Director of Information Security currently supporting the Mortgage Technology & Insurance and Spatial groups. I function as a Corporate liaison and risk manager from an information security perspective.

Why did you come to CoreLogic and what motivates you to stay with the organization?

I came to CoreLogic because of their diversity and depth, and also wanted to work for an industry leader. What really motivated me to join was meeting with several of the leaders during my interview process and hearing about their innovative approach, insight and future plans in the market. Being a part of change is always exciting.

How does CoreLogic promote a diverse and military-friendly work environment?

CoreLogic’s LEAP program is a great example of their commitment and respect for those who served in the military. Team work, leadership skills, and the ability to work under pressure are just a few of the strengths that military talent brings to the table, and CoreLogic recognizes that. Couple that with motivation and the drive to succeed, and you have a recipe for success benefiting both sides.

Please briefly share your military experience.

My time with the military was a great experience. I was on active duty for several years, responsible for budgeting, operations and finance components of several units. During my time, I was based locally in California, Texas and Alabama. The military culture is a great way to start out your career, as it teaches you to be motivated by mission – not money, and strong work ethic – there is no concept of a 40-hour work week in the military. The passion and dedication of veterans is truly inspirational.

Please briefly describe your role and scope of responsibilities at CoreLogic.

I am the Managing Director of the Valuations Solutions Group (VSG). VSG is a new business for CoreLogic that is transforming the way we value and appraise properties in the United States.

Why did you come to CoreLogic and what motivates you to stay with the organization?

I came to CoreLogic because of the opportunity to part of something under significant change and evolution. I am very much motivated by transformation – it stimulates my creative side. At the same time, I found this opportunity to be a chance to shape an industry and lead a strong group of people in the organization.

How does CoreLogic promote a diverse and military-friendly work environment?

CoreLogic is very committed to, and excited about hiring and developing military officers, whether through the LeaP program or throughout the organization. It can be daunting to move from the military to civilian sector – you don’t know what you don’t know and sometimes can undervalue yourself in the process. CoreLogic is a company that is transparent and open about its interest in leveraging the talents of military veterans and recognizes the skills and competencies they can bring to the organization.

Please briefly share your military experience.

I attended West Point and served in the military for five and a half years as an Infantry Officer stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Please briefly describe your role and scope of responsibilities at CoreLogic.

I serve as the Enterprise Inside Sales Leader, overseeing the mid to mass market relationships for CoreLogic’s various business segments.

Why did you come to CoreLogic and what motivates you to stay with the organization?

I used to be a former client of CoreLogic and was fascinated by the business model and where the company played in the real estate ecosystem. I joined the organization because I wanted to work in an entrepreneurial and innovative environment. I am motivated by the high-pace atmosphere- at times, the tempo of CoreLogic is similar to being in the military. I thrive on the fast pace and helping the organization constantly seeking new ways to grow.

How does CoreLogic promote a diverse and military-friendly work environment?

CoreLogic’s Vision, Mission and Values, similar to the values of the military, are at the heart of the company. By embracing the Vision, Mission and Values, it helps new employees assimilate to the culture of CoreLogic, which resonates closely with veterans.

Please briefly share your military experience.

I enlisted in the US Navy the later part of the Vietnam era. I attended boot camp and basic electronics in San Diego, Electronics Technician A school in Treasure Island and Nuclear Power in Vallejo, CA. I trained fellow service men, onboard ship systems, communications, and diagnostic troubleshooting skills for Radar, Sonar, Radio, Crypto, Satellite and other electronic equipment.

Please briefly describe your role and scope of responsibilities at CoreLogic.

I am a Senior Instructional Designer on the Risk Management & Workflow Talent Development team. I work to expand the leadership and technical skills of our employees, and teach individuals how to best utilize their natural talents for the benefit of themselves, their world and the company.

Why did you come to CoreLogic and what motivates you to stay with the organization?

I have a very diverse background of experiences, and was presented with an opportunity to draw upon them with the development of a newly formed, growing, ever-evolving organization. I stay because of the pace of new challenges, the continual growth, the never-ending experiences and the support of my leadership.

How does CoreLogic promote a diverse and military-friendly work environment?

The military develops a disciplined “can do” attitude, not readily found elsewhere. They create an atmosphere in which the difficult is easy, and the impossible is possible. CoreLogic realizes that discipline and can do attitude is exactly what is needed to stay competitive in the business world of today. CoreLogic understands the value of this experience, and has created programs to integrate the veteran into our high-performing, customer-focused, values-driven company.