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2013 Storm Surge - Homes at Risk of Storm-Surge Damage: 4.2M+

The 2013 CoreLogic Storm Surge Report examines single-family residential structures (homes) exposed to potential hurricane-driven storm-surge damage along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts in the U.S, including an evaluation of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. New insights within the 2013 CoreLogic Storm Surge Report include:

  • An expanded overview of potential storm-surge risk that could occur in the event a one-foot, two-foot or three-foot sea-level rise
  • Innovative analysis that provides a glimpse into the potential for increased risk in the event that ocean levels increase in coming years
  • An explanation of the enhanced storm-surge methodology using valuations determined with CoreLogic Automated Valuation Model (AVM) data that is more geographically comprehensive than previous valuation methods
  • Impact and implications of Hurricane Sandy—the largest storm of the 2012 hurricane season

Two separate top-ten lists provide an overview of major metropolitan areas ranked by total properties at risk and the total value of those properties based on CoreLogic property improvement value.

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