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FHA Premium Pricing

How Consumers Are Winning

Stuart Quinn    |    Housing Policy

The Administration’s housing policy announcements continue to modify parts of the engine of the mortgage housing finance system. On January 8, 2015, the President delivered a speech in Arizona alongside Julian Castro, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), announcing a half percentage point reduction in the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) annual mortgage insurance premium. The President reiterated the premium decrease in his State of the...

Despite Stable Mortgage Application Fraud Levels, HELOC Fraud Risk Appears To Be Rising

Equity Unlocks Latest Trend in Mortgage Application Fraud

Xiaolin Tan    |    Mortgage Fraud

By and large, across the twelve loan segments the CoreLogic Mortgage Application Fraud Index monitors, the sources and frequency of mortgage fraud have transitioned post-crisis to their current state of continued recovery. An exception is HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) fraud risk which has been on the rise in parallel with the growth in home equity lending levels over the past eighteen months. This trend is in spite of the recent decline in the total number of mortgage loan...

How Have Homeowners’ Incomes Changed Over Time?

A Homeowner Income Index Shows Some Surprising Results

Kathryn Dobbyn    |    Housing Trends

Income inequality and wage stagnation have garnered greater attention in the backdrop of the continuing recovery from The Great Recession. These issues been addressed by the national news media, Notably economists and politicians, and at some length here at CoreLogic. It was during the course of one of these internal discussions that questions arose regarding the nature of incomes and homeowners. How have the incomes of homebuyers and homeowners changed over time? Are the incomes of...

At Current Rate of Decline, Cash Sales Share Should Reach Pre-Crisis Levels in 2017

Cash Sales Made Up 35 Percent of Total Home Sales in October 2014

Molly Boesel    |    Housing Trends

Cash sales made up 35.5 percent of total home sales in October 2014, down from 38.7 percent in October 2013. The year-over-year share has fallen each month since January 2013, making October the 22nd consecutive month of declines. Month over month, the cash sales share ticked up by half of a percentage point, as is typical for the fall and winter months. Due to seasonality in the housing market, cash sales share comparisons should be made on a year-over-year basis. The peak...

National Foreclosure Inventory Down 35.5 Percent Year Over Year in November 2014

Utah Sees Largest Improvement in Foreclosure Rate From a Year Ago

Shu Chen    |    Mortgage Trends

Today, CoreLogic reported that the national foreclosure inventory fell by 35.5 percent year over year in November 2014 to approximately 567,000 homes, or 1.5 percent of all homes with a mortgage, down from 880,000, or 2.2 percent, in November 2013. This marks 37 months of continuous year-over-year declines in the inventory of foreclosed homes, including 22 straight months of declines greater than 20 percent. Also in November, the...

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