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January 2016 Archive

Property Tax Delinquency Varies Across States

Tax Delinquency Rates Declined Since the Economic Downturn in 2008

Dingxi Qiu    |    Housing Trends


An earlier Insights blog provided an overview of property taxes with a summary of property tax delinquency trends at the national level.  In this post, we examine state-level trends in property tax delinquency and how best to compare apples to...

Multi-Year Trend of Reduced Natural Hazard Activity Continues in 2015

Low-level hazard activity results in decreased damage and loss totals

Tom Jeffery    |    Natural Hazard Risk


Looking at the big picture, 2015 was a quiet year in terms of natural hazard activity. Overall, the trend of fewer natural hazard events and decreased damage totals that occurred in 2014 continued in 2015. However, if you ask the people of South Carolina, who were hit with record-setting 1,000-year rainfall that caused $1.5 billion worth of damage, they might say it was anything but...

Sydney and Melbourne are the only capital cities with any significant increase in inflation

Cameron Kusher    |    International


Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its quarterly Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for the December 2015 quarter.  The data showed that inflationary pressures remain very low with headline inflation rising 1.7% over the year and core inflation (underlying inflation) increasing by 2.0% over the past year, which is right at the lower end of the Reserve Bank’s...

How High Will Interest Rates Go in 2016?

Federal Open Market Committee Has the Answer

Frank Nothaft    |    Mortgage Performance


Now that the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has dipped its toe in the rate increase water, are they more likely to wade in slowly or jump in? Each quarter, the FOMC provides its economic projection and details on each of the 17 members’ view on the level of the federal funds rate[1], with the last projection having been...

Distressed Sales Accounted for 12 Percent of Homes Sold Nationally in November 2015

Denver Had the Lowest Distressed Sales Share

Molly Boesel    |    Mortgage Performance

  • Of total sales in November 2015, distressed sales made up 11.9 percent and real estate-owned (REO) sales made up 8.7 percent  
  • Maryland remains the state with the largest share of distressed sales among all states at 20.3 percent
  • Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, Colo. had the lowest distressed sales share among the largest Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) at...