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Analyzing the February Leap Day

The Value of an Extra Day in 2016

Stuart Quinn


Everyone appreciates a little more time to complete their enormous daily task list, and every four years our calendars receive a roundup from the remainder of the preceding three years to offer us a “leap day.” Astronomers recognize it as the synchronization of the calendar to seasons, athletes and sport fans appreciate its alignment with international events such as the World...

Cash Sales Share Declines Moderated in November 2015

Cash Sales Accounted for 36 Percent of All Home Sales

Molly Boesel    |    Housing Trends


Cash sales accounted for 36.4 percent of total home sales in November 2015, down 0.7 percentage points year over year from 37.1 percent in November 2014. On a month-over-month basis, the cash sales share increased by 2.5 percentage points in November 2015 compared with October 2015. The cash sales share typically increases month over month in November, and due to seasonality in the housing...

HELOC Segment Fraud Risk Peaked in 2014 But Remains High

Latest National Mortgage Application Fraud Trend

Xiaolin Tan    |    Mortgage Performance


Home prices across most of the nation have risen briskly, up about 6 percent in the national CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI) through the year ending December 2015[1]. In the most recent CoreLogic report on home equity data revealed that the equity of all homeowners with a mortgage in the U.S. grew by $741 billion over the year...

CoreLogic U.S. Housing Policy - Don’t Forget Housing in the Race for the White House

Faith Schwartz    |    Videos


Presidential prospects from both parties haven’t been shy about taking positions on a wide range of issues: everything from immigration to healthcare and gun control to climate change. One issue that has been noticeably missing from the debate, at least so far, is housing.


California Multifamily Market: Vacancy Low, Tenant Quality Up

Mortgage Originations on Apartment Buildings Up

Jay Harris    |    Mortgage Performance


Nationally, rental apartment markets have been on sound footing with ‘tight’ market conditions and strong levels of new development (see February 2016 Economic Outlook video blog). Demand and supply forces vary across the U.S., and local rental markets...

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