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March 2016 Archives

Rural Housing Finance Programs: An Overview (Part I)

Ginnie Mae Is More Than Just FHA and VA Mortgages

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy


Mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs make up the vast majority of Ginnie Mae securities. But not all. And even a tiny sliver of this giant secondary market engine’s share can nourish an important section of the mortgage market: affordable rural housing.

The rural sector of the country varies depending on whose...

CoreLogic Briefing on Wastewater Infrastructure

An Opportunity and a Risk

Stuart Quinn    |    Housing Policy

  Nationwide Wastewater Treatment Facility Risk Scores

Intrusions of water volume caused by natural events adversely affect the critical infrastructure responsible for treatment, quality and delivery of water in the United States. On March 16, 2016 CoreLogic participated in a...

New Mortgage Origination Rule Shines Spotlight on Need for More Accurate Tax Estimates

Analysis of consumer complaints and mortgage servicing issues related to inaccurate tax estimates at closing.

Dominique Lalisse    |    Housing Policy


The new TILA-RESPA (Truth in Lending Act/Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act) rule, referred to as TRID (TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure), focuses on increased quality and accuracy of information for settlement services. While these issues are important, transparency, speed and accuracy of escrow estimations remain key areas of opportunity to improve homeowners’ experience as...

Jumbo MBS, Which Showed Signs of Life, Is Back on Life Support

2016 volume weak to date, perhaps because of TRID

Sam Khater    |    Mortgage Performance


Part II of a look at the current private-label securities market, to review Part I click here.

Pity the poor jumbo mortgage-backed security. When the mortgage market blew up a decade ago, jumbos had the misfortune...

Cash Sales Share in 2015 Lowest in Seven Years

Cash Sales Accounted for 34 Percent of All Home Sales in 2015

Molly Boesel    |    Housing Trends


Cash sales accounted for 33.4 percent of total home sales in December 2015 and 33.9 percent of total home sales for the full year 2015. The full year 2015 cash sales share was the lowest since 2008. The December cash sales share was  down 3.3 percentage points year over year from 36.7 percent in December 2014. On a month-over-month basis, the cash sales share fell by 2.8 percentage...

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