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April 2016 Archives

Communicating About Flood Risk

Beyond the Special Flood Hazard Area

Scott Giberson    |    Natural Hazard Risk


In the conversation about flood risk and the benefits of flood insurance, one of the most commonly used statistics is that about 25 percent of the claims paid by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are on policies covering properties outside of the Special Flood Hazard Area[1]. This statistic confirms that risk exists...

Candidate Sanders’ Housing Policy Prescription

More Affordable Housing, Plus Help for First Timers and Underwater Borrowers

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy


Housing policy, which has pretty much been a back burner issue so far in this campaign, bubbled up to the top recently when Senator Bernie Sanders released a new policy paper that outlined his program for supporting homeownership, expanding affordable housing, helping underwater homeowners, and fighting homelessness.

While many of his housing planks were presented in the abstract...

Comparing the Real Cost of Owning Property Across the United States

Illinois has the highest property tax rate in the U.S., Hawaii has the lowest

Dominique Lalisse    |    Property Valuation


The accurate estimation of the amount of property taxes in any given area throughout the country is a challenging task due to the complexity and heterogeneity of property taxation in the United States. The total amount can include property taxes paid to multiple agencies with varying formulae, including both fixed and variable components. To provide a meaningful comparison of property tax...

Is Flipping Coming Back? Part I

National Flipping Activity in Q1 2016 is Well Below its 2005 Peak

Bin He    |    Housing Trends


Flipping is the term used when an investor purchases a property, renovates and repairs it, and then re-sells it within a short period of time for a profit. Flipping was at an all-time high before the housing bubble burst because of easy access to credit and speculation for higher home prices. Now home prices have been appreciating at a relatively high rate for almost four years, and in fact,...

What Is My Home Worth?

I’m paying $574,000 for this house, but it only needs to be insured for $225,000.

Susan Williams    |    Insurance


Agents often find themselves answering questions like this because consumers can be confused when it comes to the appropriate homeowner’s coverage amount for an insurance policy on a newly purchased home.

Market value (the $574,000 referenced above) is the opinion of what someone is willing to pay for a home. For a single-family home, that price includes the cost of the land...