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U.S. Economic Outlook: October 2016

Home-Equity Wealth Makes a Comeback - Homeowners Had, on Average, $11,000 Gain in Home-Equity Wealth Last Year

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Home prices have risen significantly throughout the nation since the 2011 trough in the housing cycle. The CoreLogic Home Price Index has recorded a 40 percent rise in the national index since the trough, with some areas up more sharply and other markets showing a more subdued bounce back.

One outcome of the broad geographic recovery in home values...

Home Price Index Highlights: August 2016

National Home Prices Increased 6.2 Percent Year Over Year in August 2016

Molly Boesel    |    Property Valuation

  • Home prices forecast to rise 5.3 percent over the next year.
  • The highest appreciation was in the West, with Oregon and Washington growing by double digits in August.
  • The low-price tier showed the fastest appreciation of any price tier.

National home prices increased 6.2 percent year over year in August 2016, according to the latest...

Home Price Index Audio Clip: August 2016

National Home Prices Increased 6.2 Percent Year Over Year in August 2016

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The August 2016 Home Price Index shows that National home prices appreciated 6.2 percent from a year ago and are now just 5.6 percent below the April 2006 peak. Prices are forecasted to increase by 5.3 percent over the next year, indicating that prices will be back to their peak level in 2017. As has been the case for all of this year, prices in Oregon, Washington, and...

Earthquake Risk: Spotlight on the U.S.

Location Matters: A Cross-Country View

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk


From businesses and corporations to the average person on the street, most people don’t think of natural hazard risk on a daily basis. Recently, major catastrophic floods and wildfires have made headlines, and the Midwest fears and plans for tornado season every year, while the East Coast prepares for hurricane season each summer. But what about earthquakes? Any time there’s a...