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FHA-to-Conventional Refinancing is a Bright Spot in the Mortgage Market

An Estimated 250,000 Expected to Refinance from FHA to Conventional in 2017

Sam Khater    |    Housing Policy


Most of the attention surrounding the higher mortgage rate environment has been on the negative impact on the mortgage refinance market. However, that overlooks the fact that there are reasons a borrower may want to refinance in a modestly higher rate environment. For example, borrowers who have built sufficient home equity may want to cash-out some equity or refinance out of FHA to...

U.S. Housing Policy Update: March 2017

Condo Lending

Jacqueline Doty    |    Videos



CoreLogic has taken a look at the state of condominium lending. Where things stand now… what's changing and what’s not…or at least not changing fast enough for some participants.

Through November of 2016, lending for condo purchases was running at an annual rate of $74 billion, or 8 percent of total purchase originations....

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