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Who Are the Geographic Influencers for Fraud Risk?

California and Maryland are strongest influencers of National Fraud Risk

Bret Fortenberry    |    Mortgage Performance

Top 3 CBSAs trend compared to National trend

CoreLogic has determined the regions of the U.S. that have the highest correlation with the National Mortgage Fraud Risk index, based on a tracking score1.  The regions that are most highly correlated with fraud risk are areas that will be the best predictors of nationwide mortgage fraud.  In fact, one can look at a few highly correlated regions to predict fraud risk on a...

Deciphering the Code of the Millennials – Part II

Where millennials will buy homes

Bret Fortenberry    |    Housing Trends

As a follow-up to Deciphering the Code of the Millennials Part I about where millennials are currently buying homes, this blog will share perspectives on where millennials will purchase homes in the future based on data from a recent CoreLogic...

Deciphering the Code of the Millennials – Part I

Where millennials are buying homes

Bret Fortenberry    |    Housing Trends

Where Millennials are Purchasing Homes

In a recent CoreLogic Insights Blog, Chief Economist Frank Nothaft discussed the impact of millennials on the housing market. As a follow-up, this edition will share perspectives on where millennials purchase homes based on CoreLogic...

2016 Could Reach Highest Fraud Risk Since Crisis

Largest increases expected in historically lower-risk metropolitan areas

Bret Fortenberry    |    Mortgage Performance

Industry professionals agree that mortgage origination fraud activity peaked between 2005 and 2008, period that offered unprecedented opportunities to manipulate the system, contributing to the boom and following bust. Through increased regulation, better controls and tighter lending guidelines, we have experienced a strong reversal, with very low fraud rates in the last several years. As we...

Fraud Hot Spots Reemerging

Mortgage Application Fraud Risk Increasing in Florida, New Jersey and New York

Bret Fortenberry    |    Mortgage Performance

Mortgage application fraud risk in the U.S. has been steadily increasing at the national level since CoreLogic started tracking this data in 2010, and according to new analysis, fraud risk is becoming more prevalent in larger metropolitan areas, particularly in the Northeast and Southeast.

The analysis, based on the CoreLogic Mortgage Application Fraud Risk Index*, shows that since...