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Making the Adjustment

The Modern Age of Desk Adjusting for the Insurance Industry

Curtis McDonald    |    Insurance

Aerial Roof Measure Technology

Deploying adjusters to the field is a large overhead cost for insurance companies. Incoming claims vary in terms of size and severity, and with that, not every claim requires an on-site adjustment. Thus, in addition to field adjusters, insurance companies rely heavily on a robust desk adjustment program to address smaller claims at higher volumes. To make for effective desk adjusting, these...

Hurricane Matthew Clocks Top Wind Speed for 2016 at 101 MPH

Annual CoreLogic Windy City Index Names Nashville, TN Windiest City

Curtis McDonald    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Hurricane Matthew Top Wind Speeds

Wind events, whether part of a major hurricane or a smaller storm, can cause significant damage for both businesses and homeowners, and as such, CoreLogic publishes its Windy City Index, an annual analysis of top wind speeds and wind-related events to review this natural hazard. According to the 2016 CoreLogic Windy City Index[1],...