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Hail Verification: Closer to Ground Truth

Superior Data In. Superior Results Out.

Daniel Betten    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Presence/Absence of Hail

Thunderstorms are some of the most dynamic phenomenon on earth, and result in a variety of hail sizes from the size of a pea, to larger than softballs. In addition to the inconsistency in size, the hail fall often varies over short geographic distances. Every year, hail damage is a significant contributor of insurance claims and losses in the Continental United States. Furthermore, hail damage...

Understanding the Science Behind Wind Verification Technology

Improvements in Science and Tools Enable Sophisticated Post Storm Response

Daniel Betten    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Hurricane Sandy 2012

Did you know that wind is one of nature’s most difficult hazards to measure? The damage caused from it can potentially go undetected for months, as unlike hail, which can be visually seen and, can often concentrate in the center of severe storms, wind is invisible and depending on geography, can vary widely over small areas. Each year, extreme weather events, including wind, pose a...