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Escrow Overcharges and Delayed Refunds Can Lead to Increased CFPB Complaints

Refunds from escrow accounts are Granger-causing CFPB complaints

Dingxi Qiu    |    Mortgage Performance

Relationship between CRFP complaints

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) complaints are difficult to track and address, but they can potentially cause significant reputational damage to mortgage lenders and servicers if common issues in the complaints are not handled properly. Using CoreLogic tax servicing data to evaluate the reasons for CFPB complaints, we found that the number of overpayment-related escrow account...

Good Words Don’t Cost Much, But Can Accomplish A Lot When Selling a Home

Certain Words in Listing Comments Positively Affect Closing Price

Dingxi Qiu    |    Property Valuation

Setting up a reasonable list price for a property is a challenge to both the seller and the listing agent. Each property is unique due to its location, condition and internal/external design. In a competitive, active market, all physical attributes of a property should be fairly and accurately priced. However, CoreLogic research finds that properties with certain words in their listing...

Property Tax Delinquency Varies Across States

Tax Delinquency Rates Declined Since the Economic Downturn in 2008

Dingxi Qiu    |    Housing Trends

An earlier Insights blog provided an overview of property taxes with a summary of property tax delinquency trends at the national level.  In this post, we examine state-level trends in property tax delinquency and how best to compare apples to...