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Rural Housing Finance Programs: An Overview (Part I)

Ginnie Mae Is More Than Just FHA and VA Mortgages

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy

Mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs make up the vast majority of Ginnie Mae securities. But not all. And even a tiny sliver of this giant secondary market engine’s share can nourish an important section of the mortgage market: affordable rural housing.

The rural sector of the country varies depending on whose...

Regulations Continue to Worsen ABS/Non-Agency Liquidity Squeeze

Alternatives like Rule 144A offer some relief

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy

As top players in the asset-backed securities market met in Las Vegas at the end of February, they continued to confront a market that still shows few signs of regaining its pre-mortgage crash luster. The ABS/non-agency RMBS market remains mired in a hard liquidity squeeze. But at least one vehicle shows signs of life—if issuers are willing to take on some credit risk...

Note Sales Build Private Market for Distressed Assets

Fannie Mae Package Brings it to $4 Billion NPLs to Date

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy

Foreclosure For Sale Sign

The foreclosure numbers continue to improve markedly, as the latest CoreLogic report shows (completed foreclosures were down 20 percent for 2015 and have been tracking lower for 50 consecutive months). But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a sizable batch of defaulted properties, many in judicial states, which are 20 percent, even 30 percent underwater.


CoreLogic U.S. Housing Policy - Don’t Forget Housing in the Race for the White House

Faith Schwartz    |    Videos

Presidential prospects from both parties haven’t been shy about taking positions on a wide range of issues: everything from immigration to healthcare and gun control to climate change. One issue that has been noticeably missing from the debate, at least so far, is housing.


Credit Risk Transfer: Making a Successful Program Even Better

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy

Types of Investors

On February 10, CoreLogic and the Urban Institute hosted a sunset seminar on “Credit Risk Transfer (CRT): Making a Successful Program Even Better." The premise behind this event was that CRT is an important step forward for the participation of private capital within the housing finance market while lowering risk and cost to the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) and, thus,...