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U.S. Economic Outlook: February 2018

Single-family Rental: Rent and Vacancy Dynamics - Metros with low vacancy rates have faster rent growth

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The single-family rental stock has grown by more than one-third over the past decade, and today there are as many rental homes in single-family properties as there are in large rental apartment buildings. While there has been a growing number of firms that specialize in single-family rental ownership, today it’s still the individual investor, often called ‘mom and...

Will Amazon Consider Home Price Trends in Their Quest to Find a Second HQ Location?

More Than Half of the Potential Locations Considered Overvalued Markets

Frank Nothaft    |    Property Valuation

Amazon List of Potential Cities

CoreLogic has reviewed home price trends in the cities that are being considered for the “second headquarters” for online retail giant Amazon. All the cities on the shortlist* are experiencing home price increases. Some cities have even exceeded the national average of 6 percent. Figure 1 represents a snapshot of the data:

*CoreLogic does not monitor the Toronto, Canada...

U.S. Economic Outlook: January 2018

New Home Sales Continue Steady Rise - Metro Areas in the South Led Nation in 2017 Sales

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Sales of newly built homes have had a slow, steady recovery during the last several years, and the final quarter of 2017 was on pace to have the highest number of sales in a decade (Figure 1). It’s no wonder that homebuilders’ sentiment was so rosy at year-end.  According to the latest National Housing Market Index, homebuilder confidence in December was the...

U.S. Economic Outlook: December 2017

Peering into 2018: The Outlook for U.S. Housing Markets - Erosion of housing affordability likely to spread to more markets

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A central theme for the 2018 housing market will be the continuing erosion of housing affordability, an issue that will permeate a growing list of American neighborhoods. Today housing affordability is already a major concern in many high-cost markets, and will spread to more moderate-cost places across the nation. Let’s look at the economic factors that we expect will...

U.S. Economic Outlook: November 2017

Home Equity Wealth at New High

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Dr. Nothaft Video Blog November

The latest flow-of-funds data from the Federal Reserve confirmed that home-equity wealth reached a new nominal high this year: $13.9 trillion at mid-2017, $0.5 trillion above the 2006 peak and more than double the $6.0 trillion amount at the trough of the Great Recession.[1]  While several factors will affect aggregate home equity,...

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