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Business Economists Favor NAFTA, Skilled Immigrants, Less Debt and More Consumer Say in Health Care

NABE’s Policy Survey is first since Trump Administration took office

Frank Nothaft    |    Housing Trends

Current State of Economic Policy

The National Association for Business Economics’ (NABE) semiannual Economic Policy Survey focused on some of the critical topics that President Trump and his advisers face.  Conducted January 31 - February 15, the survey revealed some disagreements...

U.S. Economic Outlook: March 2017

Single-family Rent Growth Faster in Markets with Low Vacancies: One-percentage point lower vacancy rate leads to 0.5% faster rent growth

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Components of US Rental Stock


Rent growth varies across neighborhoods and over time. For this reason, rent-growth expectations are important not just for families who are deciding whether to rent or own their home, but also for investors who are trying to forecast net revenue on their housing investment.


U.S. Economic Outlook: February 2017

63.4% Homeownership Rate in 2016 Was Lowest Since 1966

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Dr. Nothaft February Video


The erosion of homeownership has been one legacy of the housing boom-and-bust of the last decade. The homeownership rate peaked at 69 percent in 2004, inflated by relatively easy mortgage credit primarily provided by subprime and low/no-doc loan products. The drop in homeownership continued through 2016, with the homeowner rate just a tad above 63 percent,...

U.S. Economic Outlook: January 2017

New-Home Sales Up for Fifth Straight Year - New Construction Sales Up More Than 50% Since 2011

Frank Nothaft    |    Housing Trends, Videos

Nothaft January 2017 video blog


Low mortgage rates, job growth, and an improving consumer optimism have all supported the recovery in home sales during the last few years. Both sales of newly built as well as previously owned homes are up, with the growth stronger for new homes. Since the trough in new-home sales in 2011, sales had jumped more than 50 percent by 2016 (Figure...

U.S. Economic Outlook: December 2016

Peering into 2017: The Outlook for U.S. Housing and Mortgage Markets - Home Prices Projected Up 5%, Rent Up 3%, and Purchase and HELOC Originations Up

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Frank Nothaft Video Blog


Economic growth will be a primary factor affecting the housing market in 2017. The latest projections show a consensus that the economy will grow between 2 and 2¼ percent next year.[1] With this as a backdrop, here are five features to look for in next year’s housing...

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