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A Report Card for Commercial Building Construction

Why the Class of Construction is Significant

James Siebers    |    Property Valuation

If you think back to when you were in school, many of you would remember receiving a report card based on your intelligence, performance, participation, attitude and other measurable factors, which would help evaluate how you were doing as a whole, and see where you could improve. Similarly, the construction of a commercial building also has a type of report card system, which helps rate...

Effective Age Versus Actual Age

An Important Appraisal Question

James Siebers    |    Property Valuation

Older house with rennovations

Have you ever thought about how the components of your home contribute to the age of your home? The roof, siding, trim and windows, how long do they all last? How about the furnace and water heater? While electrical and plumbing fixtures, carpet, vinyl, flooring materials, counter tops and other interior decorating items may functionally last longer, their appearance and style may not....

How Big is My House?

Let’s ask a professional…

James Siebers    |    Property Valuation

Many aspects of building appraisal or valuation require personal judgment, but one aspect that should not be in this category is the measurements of a house. The actual size of a building is either determined from accurate building plans or by the actual measurement of the structure. An appraiser, assessor, realtor, insurance agent or anyone who determines the square footage of a house...

They Don’t Build Them Like They Used To

A Comparison of Three Residential Constructions

James Siebers    |    Property Valuation

The evolution of building materials has made the newly constructed homes better able to withstand elements like wear and tear and weather. Man-made materials, improved insulation, smartphone thermostats, open layouts, bigger closets and three-car garages make the new homes more energy-efficient and conducive to a modern family’s lifestyle. But to some folks, the charm of an older...

Market Value vs. Replacement Cost

How to understand the difference between these two value approaches

James Siebers    |    Property Valuation

Market Value vs. Replacement

The market value and replacement cost of a building are not the same thing. They are distinctly different concepts which are estimated using different criteria. It is not necessary that the market value and replacement cost of a building are identical. They are two distinctly different approaches to valuing a property.

Market value is the estimated price at which your property...