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Effects of Student Loan Debt on Millennial Renters’ Creditworthiness

Education Still Makes a Difference

Jianjun Xie    |    Housing Trends

Average ScorePLUS Score for Millennial Rental Applicants

As college costs have skyrocketed, students and their families have taken on debt to make up the difference. Many studies have pointed out that the increasing student debt has created a financial burden on millennials and postponed their homebuying decisions. Few addressed the effect of student loan debt on millennials’ creditworthiness.

CoreLogic has studied the effects of...

Increasing Student Loan Debt Affecting Millennial Renters

A Closer Look from Rental Property Solution Data

Jianjun Xie    |    Housing Trends

Average Student Loan Balance for Millennial Renters from 2008 to 2015
  • 60 percent of rental housing applicants from 2011 to 2015 were millennials
  • 48 percent of millennial rental applicants had student loan debts in 2015
  • Average student loan balance of millennial rental applicants reached $31,900 in 2015

Homeownership is on the decline1, especially among the younger age group, while rental household...

CoreLogic Renter Applicant Risk Index Shows a Continued Upward Trend of Renter Credit Quality

Midwest Region of the U.S. Shows Highest Renter Applicant Risk in Q1 2015

Jianjun Xie    |    Housing Trends

The CoreLogic SafeRent Renter Applicant Risk (RAR) Index indicates the credit quality of renter applicants improved nationwide year over year as of Q1 2015 (Figure 1). According to the data, the risk of default among renters nationwide decreased year over year with an index value of 108 in Q1 2015 compared to an index value of 106 in Q1 2014. The two-point year-over-year increase in the...