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Homeowner Mobility and Migration Trends

Mobility Down By a Third Over Last Three Decades and State-to-State Migration at 15-Year Lows

Kristine Yao    |    Housing Trends

Homeowner Mobility Declining Over Past 3 Decades

CoreLogic has a new source of data for analyzing household demographic trends over time. Various data sets, including property tax records and recorded sale transactions, were linked to distinct consumers, tracking them chronologically through their chain of home purchases. The consumer-pinned dataset offers a valuable complement to traditional sources of demographic data, which typically...

Boomerang Buyers Making a Gradual Return

Less Than Half Return Even 16 Years After Foreclosure

Kristine Yao    |    Housing Trends

Next year marks seven years since the foreclosure crisis peaked in 2010, during which enough time would have passed for the black mark of foreclosure to be erased from millions of consumer credit reports. In total, 1.9 million homeowners who faced owner-occupied foreclosures between the start of the housing crisis in 2007 through 2010 will have met the seven-year period after which the Fair...

Part 2: How Affordable are Condos?

Affordability Varies with Floor Area

Kristine Yao    |    Property Valuation

In the first part of our condo affordability blog, we examined how affordability varied by location. Some central locations proved to be unattainable for traditional condo buyers seeking affordable options, but what if we also compared housing costs relative to its size, or price per livable square foot? It doesn’t come as a surprise that condos located within the city’s core...

Part 1: How Affordable are Condos?

Affordability Varies By Location

Kristine Yao    |    Property Valuation

Price and shares by distance from city centers for top 25 condo markets

Conventional wisdom tells us that condos are more affordable (in other words, less expensive) than single-family detached homes, making condos a good entry-level option for aspiring millennial homebuyers. However, there are other factors influencing the rising demand. Condos tend to be located in higher-density markets that are attractive to homebuyers wanting walkability and a more urban...

Serious Delinquency Rate of Condo Loans Drops to 2.9 Percent in Top 10 Markets

Lowest Since February 2008, but Quadruple 2000-2004 Average

Kristine Yao    |    Mortgage Performance

After the recent housing market crash, condominiums got a bad rap for having higher mortgage default rates, foreclosure rates and total losses. As a result, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA implemented new lending guidelines for condo mortgages that focused not only on the financial stability of the borrower but also on the condo community as a whole. For instance, Fannie Mae’s latest...