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Earthquake Risk: Spotlight on the U.S.

Location Matters: A Cross-Country View

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

From businesses and corporations to the average person on the street, most people don’t think of natural hazard risk on a daily basis. Recently, major catastrophic floods and wildfires have made headlines, and the Midwest fears and plans for tornado season every year, while the East Coast prepares for hurricane season each summer. But what about earthquakes? Any time there’s a...

Will This Earthquake Cause Damage? – Part 2

Tips to Think Like a Seismologist!

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

USGS ShakeMap

In a previous blog, we touched on understanding big earthquakes and the recent earthquakes that have caused impact around the globe. Today we will dive into tips on how to think like a seismologist in efforts to turn your panic in to preparedness, next time an earthquake is on your radar. To get a...

Will This Earthquake Cause Damage? – Part 1

Understanding Big Earthquakes

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Number of Earthquakes each year on average

Earthquakes have the potential to cause major destruction and disruption to society. Damage caused by earthquakes can be catastrophic and can have both a humanitarian and financial impact.  So when an earthquake occurs, having a prompt understanding of...