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Don’t Underestimate Your Credit Risk

The Advantages of Using CoreLogic CBSA Level HPI Stress-Testing Scenarios

Michelle Wu    |    Mortgage Performance

Forward Looking Conditional Default Rate

The Federal Reserve’s Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review program provides Home Price Index (HPI) stress-testing scenarios at the national level but does not include testing at the local metropolitan level. This approach lacks consideration of the substantial heterogeneity of home price cycles at more disaggregate geographic levels. To address this concern, CoreLogic has created...

A Closer Look at Freddie’s Single-Family Loan-Level Dataset

Freddie Mac Data Shows Underwriting Policy Has Not Eased Too Much

Michelle Wu    |    Mortgage Performance

FICO Percentile by Orig Year

Recently Freddie Mac released its fixed-rate, loan-level data to increase transparency into the agency’s mortgage practice1. A new analysis from CoreLogic shows that underwriting policy has eased only a little bit since the depths of the financial crisis.