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You’re Hired!

New Faces in the Trump Administration

Russell McIntyre    |    Housing Policy


The catchphrase “You’re Fired!” was made popular on President-elect Donald Trump’s reality television show The Apprentice, and in many ways it is still synonymous with both the show and the Trump brand. These days however, President-elect Trump is more concerned with who is being hired.

When a new president moves to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he...

Policy Push

Think Tanks and Trade Groups under a Trump Presidency

Russell McIntyre    |    Housing Policy


Policy experts throughout Washington, D.C. spent much of 2016 assuming that a Hillary Clinton presidency was just around the corner. White papers, infographics, and case studies were overwhelmingly aimed at policies and regulations that would fall slightly center-left on the political spectrum, a space the Clinton campaign carved out during much of the primary and general...

Symposium on Housing Finance

CoreLogic Hosts 4th Annual Data, Demand and Demographics

Russell McIntyre    |    Housing Policy


On November 2, 2016, CoreLogic and the Urban Institute’s Housing Finance Policy Center hosted the fourth annual Data, Demand and Demographics: A Symposium on Housing Finance. The daylong event featured a number of notable keynote speakers and in-depth panel discussions. These included presentations on urban development, inclusionary housing, mortgage investment, and...

An Unconstitutional Structure Part I

What You Need to Know About the PHH v. CFPB Decision

Russell McIntyre    |    Housing Policy


In November 2014, New Jersey-based mortgage lender PHH Corporation was fined $6.4 million for illegally taking kickbacks in the guise of reinsurance premiums paid by mortgage insurers to one of the company’s subsidiaries. Six months later, the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB or the bureau) Richard...

An Unconstitutional Structure Part II

Industry Reactions to the PHH v. CFPB Decision

Russell McIntyre    |    Housing Policy


On October 11, a panel of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that the single-director structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB or the bureau) was unconstitutional. The ruling does not replace the director with a board or group of commissioners; instead, it gives the president the power to dismiss the director “at will.” For a...