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Current Home Prices the Most Stable During the Last 40 Years

Real Estate Prices Have Been an Oasis of Stability

Sam Khater    |    Property Valuation

Volatility has roiled the U.S. and global financial markets for some time. June’s Brexit vote, for example, was the most volatile day in the history of foreign exchange markets. Likewise, the huge influx of foreign capital drove longer-dated Treasury maturities to record lows. But one market seems to have escaped these gyrations: U.S. housing.

There are several different...

Single-Family Rent Growth Slows Down

New Single-Family Rental Index from CoreLogic Shows Slower Single-Family Rent Growth

Sam Khater    |    Housing Trends

Rental Repeat Index

Given the growing role that rental properties are playing in real estate, CoreLogic has developed a new Single-Family Rental Index (SFRI) to measure the changing rent dynamics of single-family rental properties. The index, which uses a methodology similar to our own CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI), as well as the CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index, measures changes in rents by comparing repeat...

Handicapping Brexit

"Winners and Losers"

Sam Khater    |    Housing Policy

30 year wholesale mortgage rate

The world has now had a couple of weeks to get over the shock of Brexit or the decision of Britain to exit the European Union. As week-three begins, global equity, debt and currency markets have stabilized. What does Brexit mean for the US mortgage and real estate markets for the next few months?

Here’s a quick rundown on potential winners and losers in the mortgage and real...

Jumbo MBS, Which Showed Signs of Life, Is Back on Life Support

2016 volume weak to date, perhaps because of TRID

Sam Khater    |    Mortgage Performance

Wall Street

Part II of a look at the current private-label securities market, to review Part I click here.

Pity the poor jumbo mortgage-backed security. When the mortgage market blew up a decade ago, jumbos had the misfortune...

High-End Sales Will Continue to Slide in San Francisco, NYC

Double-digit increases in inventory hurting top markets, especially New York

Sam Khater    |    Housing Trends

High End Inventory Rising

The “back-up” of high-end housing inventory means that sales in two of the country’s priciest housing markets—New York and San Francisco—should continue to fall. This is especially true in the Big Apple.

What’s striking about this accelerating trend is that 2015 was a record sales year in both of these high-profile markets.

In 2015,...