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Housing Supply Update: Hard to Keep Up with the Demand

National Supply of Homes for Sale Has Fallen to Early 2000s Level

Shu Chen    |    Housing Trends

National Months of Supply for the Month of December

December is the holiday season for many people who take time off from work, travel and spend time with family. For many business, it’s the slow time of the year. However, with interest rates rising, home buyers this past December were in a hurry to lock in a mortgage rate. The housing market became so tight in December 2016 that the months of supply fell to 4.1 months, the lowest for a...

Rent Growth for Higher-Priced Rental Homes Slowed in 2016

Rent Growth for Lower-Priced Rental Homes Stayed Strong

Shu Chen    |    Housing Trends

Natl Single Family Rental Index YOY Percentage Change

Last July CoreLogic reported that, nationally, rent growth on single-family homes had begun to moderate in 2016 based on the CoreLogic Single-Family Rental Index (SFRI). Now that it is six months later, has that trend continued?

Analysis of...

Hot Summer, Hot Markets

A Third of Homes Sold for the List Price or More in August 2016

Shu Chen    |    Housing Trends

Share of Sales At, Above or Below the List Price

A greater share of homes are selling at or above their listing price as healthy housing demand continues to meet a tight inventory of homes for sale. Figure 1 shows the share of homes nationally that sold at a price above, equal to or below the list price. 1 The share of homes selling at or above list price has recovered to early 2006 levels. In August 2016 that share was more...

National Supply of Homes For Sale rises to 6.8 months in January 2016

Some Markets Show Impacts of Low Oil Prices in Their Months of Supply

Shu Chen    |    Housing Trends

Months of Supply by Price Tier

As the U.S. housing market strengthened last year the inventory of homes for sale fell to a post-housing-crisis low. So how is the inventory shaping up early this year? Nationally, the number of homes for-sale equated to a 6.8-month supply[1] in January 2016, up from a 6.5-month supply in January 2015.

Figure 1 breaks out...

Is it Bidding Time Again?

A Third of Homes Sold For the List Price or More in October 2015

Shu Chen    |    Mortgage Performance

The housing market continues to recover from the foreclosure crisis. Home price indexes and home sales are returning to pre-crisis levels, and in some areas prices and sales have reached new highs. With demand strong and inventory thin, the share of homes selling for the list price or more has also returned to pre-bust levels.

With inventory tight, homes are more likely to sell...