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HELOC Segment Fraud Risk Peaked in 2014 But Remains High

Latest National Mortgage Application Fraud Trend

Xiaolin Tan    |    Mortgage Performance

HELOC fraud risk index vs. home equity percent

Home prices across most of the nation have risen briskly, up about 6 percent in the national CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI) through the year ending December 2015[1]. In the most recent CoreLogic report on home equity data revealed that the equity of all homeowners with a mortgage in the U.S. grew by $741 billion over the year...

Despite Stable Mortgage Application Fraud Levels, HELOC Fraud Risk Appears To Be Rising

Equity Unlocks Latest Trend in Mortgage Application Fraud

Xiaolin Tan    |    Mortgage Performance

By and large, across the twelve loan segments the CoreLogic Mortgage Application Fraud Index monitors, the sources and frequency of mortgage fraud have transitioned post-crisis to their current state of continued recovery. An exception is HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) fraud risk which has been on the rise in parallel with the growth in home equity lending levels over the past eighteen...