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Note Sales Build Private Market for Distressed Assets

Fannie Mae Package Brings it to $4 Billion NPLs to Date

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy

Foreclosure For Sale Sign

The foreclosure numbers continue to improve markedly, as the latest CoreLogic report shows (completed foreclosures were down 20 percent for 2015 and have been tracking lower for 50 consecutive months). But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a sizable batch of defaulted properties, many in judicial states, which are 20 percent, even 30 percent underwater.


Credit Risk Transfer: Making a Successful Program Even Better

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy

Types of Investors

On February 10, CoreLogic and the Urban Institute hosted a sunset seminar on “Credit Risk Transfer (CRT): Making a Successful Program Even Better." The premise behind this event was that CRT is an important step forward for the participation of private capital within the housing finance market while lowering risk and cost to the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) and, thus,...

Federal Reserve Reduces Stress on Housing Markets

2016 Supervisory Scenarios

David Stiff    |    Housing Policy

The Federal Reserve’s recently released 2016 Supervisory Scenarios for home prices paint a slightly less pessimistic picture for housing markets in the event of a sharp economic downturn or another global financial crisis, compared to the Fed’s 2015 scenarios. Home prices fall 12 percent and 25 percent from peak to trough in the 2016 Adverse and Severely Adverse Scenarios,...

Housing in The State of the Union Address

A Review of the Text

Stuart Quinn    |    Housing Policy

State of the Union Speeches

Every year the President delivers the State of the Union as required by Article II, Section 4 of the United States Constitution, and on January 12, 2016, President Obama continued this 200-plus-year-old tradition. The Administration has made it clear that despite the President’s endowed authority to give one more speech in January of 2017, this will be his last State of the Union...

Looking Back on 2015 and Seeing Opportunities For Innovation Going Forward

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy

Over the past few years, innovation has taken a backseat to compliance as our industry has had to cope with a spate of new rules and regulations. This trend continued in 2015: the year that the “Know Before You Owe” or TRID devoured the industry’s bandwidth. But not all the changes that the regulators have wrought have been negative. In fact, some might be setting the stage...

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