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Cash and Distressed Sales Update: August 2016

Cash Sales Accounted for 31 Percent of All Home Sales in August

Molly Boesel    |    Housing Trends

Cash Sales Share by Sale Type
  • The cash sales share fell 1.5 percentage points from August 2015
  • Of total sales in August 2016, distressed sales accounted for 7.3 percent and real estate-owned (REO) sales accounted for 4.6 percent
  • The REO sales share in August was the lowest for any month since August 2007

Cash sales accounted for 31.1 percent of total home sales in August...

Gravity Returns to San Francisco Housing Market

Biggest Risks Could Be External – Jobs, Stocks, Interest Rates

Andrew LePage    |    Housing Trends

SF Home Price Growth Has Slowed

San Francisco’s formerly red-hot housing market has cooled a bit since the county’s median sale price hit a record $1.3 million this April – one of the highest medians ever for a sizable U.S. county.

Sales of existing San Francisco County homes through August fell about 8 percent from the same period last year, while prices have edged lower since April and in...

Where Are Households in High-Cost Markets Buying Homes?

Net Outward Migration from Higher-Priced Counties to Lower-Priced Counties

Archana Pradhan    |    Housing Trends

Net Inflow to SF County During 2016

Home prices in many high-cost areas such as San Francisco, New York City, and elsewhere, have sky-rocketed and become less affordable. A combination of tight supply and high demand (driven by an improving economy and strong job growth) has led to the affordability challenges in these areas. Not all buyers are wealthy or have a high income to afford the rising housing cost in these areas. In...

Homeowner Mobility and Migration Trends

Mobility Down By a Third Over Last Three Decades and State-to-State Migration at 15-Year Lows

Kristine Yao    |    Housing Trends

Homeowner Mobility Declining Over Past 3 Decades

CoreLogic has a new source of data for analyzing household demographic trends over time. Various data sets, including property tax records and recorded sale transactions, were linked to distinct consumers, tracking them chronologically through their chain of home purchases. The consumer-pinned dataset offers a valuable complement to traditional sources of demographic data, which typically...

Hot Summer, Hot Markets

A Third of Homes Sold for the List Price or More in August 2016

Shu Chen    |    Housing Trends

Share of Sales At, Above or Below the List Price

A greater share of homes are selling at or above their listing price as healthy housing demand continues to meet a tight inventory of homes for sale. Figure 1 shows the share of homes nationally that sold at a price above, equal to or below the list price. 1 The share of homes selling at or above list price has recovered to early 2006 levels. In August 2016 that share was more...

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