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Single-Family Rent Growth Slows Down

New Single-Family Rental Index from CoreLogic Shows Slower Single-Family Rent Growth

Sam Khater    |    Housing Trends

Rental Repeat Index

Given the growing role that rental properties are playing in real estate, CoreLogic has developed a new Single-Family Rental Index (SFRI) to measure the changing rent dynamics of single-family rental properties. The index, which uses a methodology similar to our own CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI), as well as the CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index, measures changes in rents by comparing repeat...

Boomerang Buyers Making a Gradual Return

Less Than Half Return Even 16 Years After Foreclosure

Kristine Yao    |    Housing Trends

Next year marks seven years since the foreclosure crisis peaked in 2010, during which enough time would have passed for the black mark of foreclosure to be erased from millions of consumer credit reports. In total, 1.9 million homeowners who faced owner-occupied foreclosures between the start of the housing crisis in 2007 through 2010 will have met the seven-year period after which the Fair...

Distressed Sales Update: April 2016

Distressed Sales Accounted for 9 Percent of Homes Sold Nationally in April 2016

Molly Boesel    |    Housing Trends

Distressed Sales as Percentage of Total Sales
  • Of total sales in April 2016, distressed sales accounted for 8.8 percent and real estate-owned (REO) sales accounted for 5.7 percent
  • The REO sales share was 22.2 percentage points below its peak of 27.9 percent in January 2009
  • Distressed sales shares fell in most states, including the oil markets

Distressed sales, which include REO and short...

10 Years After the Bubble, Home Prices Are Hitting New Highs

But This Time It’s Different (Really)

David Stiff    |    Housing Trends

Metro Areas with Largest Home Price Gains from Previous Peak

This July marks the 10-year anniversary of the U.S. home price bubble. The national CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index peaked in July 2006 and then dropped 27 percent over the next six years. Nearly a decade later, the national index still remains 4 percent below its peak nominal value.[1]

Many local markets have...

Google Searches Shed Light on Rental Prices – Part II

Nationally and at the Metro Level, Google Searches Correlate with Rental Prices

Bin He    |    Housing Trends

In Part I of this blog we discussed how Google Trends1 can provide insights into rental prices at the national level. Here we focus on the correlation between Google Trends and real rental prices for a few large metros. As with the...

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