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How Rising Interest Rates Can Decrease Affordability More Than Home Price Increases

CoreLogic ‘Typical Mortgage Payment' Index Measures Relative Affordability Over Time

Andrew LePage    |    Housing Trends

National Homebuyers Typical Mortgage Payments

Rising home prices and relatively stagnant wage growth have combined to create affordability headwinds for many Americans. Until recently, however, historically low mortgage interest rates have been one of the few tailwinds helping the average homebuyer. But what will happen now that rates are rising again?

One way to measure the impact of inflation, interest rates and home prices on...

National Single-Family Rent Growth Decelerated in May 2017 Compared to May 2016

High-Cost Rentals Experience Largest Decline

Shu Chen    |    Housing Trends

National Single-Family Repeat Rent Index Year-over-Year Percent Change
  • National rents increased 2.9 percent from a year ago
  • Low-end rent growth more than doubled high-end rent growth
  • Seattle had the highest rent growth over the past year in Q1

Single-family rents, as measured by the CoreLogic Single-Family Repeat Rent Index (SFRI), climbed steadily between 2010 and 2016. However, rent...

Escrow vs. Non-Escrow Mortgages: The Trend is Clear

Escrow accounts increasingly more popular among Borrowers and Lenders

Dominique Lalisse    |    Housing Trends

Penetration of escrow accounts by State

For the past several years there has been a strong push in the mortgage servicing industry to move borrowers to mortgage escrow accounts. A recent analysis by CoreLogic shows that currently almost 80 percent of all borrowers are paying their taxes (and insurance) through escrow accounts. This represents an increase of 900 basis points in the rate over the past six years.


Highest and Lowest Risk U.S. Housing Markets as of Q1 2017

Market Health Indicator Flags Nine Markets As High Risk, Six in Florida Alone

Bin He    |    Housing Trends, Property Valuation

High-Market Risk Metros

Home prices have continued to rise, though for many markets, at a slower pace. Most markets are still healthy or have relatively low risk, according to the CoreLogic Market Health Indicator. However, nine of the top 100 metro markets – six in Florida alone – have been identified as high-risk markets.

The CoreLogic Market Health Indicator evaluates whether individual markets...

Comp Prices Often Exceed Subject Property Prices in Appraisals

Price Adjustment on Higher-Valued Comps Are Frequently Small and Downwardly Rigid

Yanling Mayer    |    Housing Trends

Price Distribution of Comp Transactions

A previous blog reported that appraisals are often identical to or exceed the contract price. In it, the analysis showed that nine out of 10 appraisals were either at the contract...

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