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Is it Tight Underwriting or Too Few Applicants with Less-Than-Perfect Credit?

Comparing Mortgage Applications and Originations by Credit Score Distribution

Archana Pradhan    |    Housing Trends

Single Family Home Purchase Applications and Originations

In a blog series CoreLogic published last year, we observed that there were far fewer low credit score applicants in 2015 than in 2005....

The More, The Merrier

Homebuilders Are Building Larger Homes on Smaller Lots

Bin He    |    Housing Trends

Median Square Footage

The housing market is hot this spring with many families trying to buy their dream home or first home before interest rates become too high, and yet housing inventory is still low. The inventory has been low for the past few years, and is one of the main factors that drive home prices higher and higher in many areas across the United States. CoreLogic Chief Economist Frank Nothaft previously...

Business Economists Favor NAFTA, Skilled Immigrants, Less Debt and More Consumer Say in Health Care

NABE’s Policy Survey is first since Trump Administration took office

Frank Nothaft    |    Housing Trends

Current State of Economic Policy

The National Association for Business Economics’ (NABE) semiannual Economic Policy Survey focused on some of the critical topics that President Trump and his advisers face.  Conducted January 31 - February 15, the survey revealed some disagreements...

The State of House Flipping in 2016 – Part III

Positive Correlation Observed Between Home Price Growth and the Share of Flipping Activity

Bin He    |    Housing Trends

Share of Flipped Properties by Markets

In Part I and Part II of this blog series, I presented the share and gross gain of house flipping at the national level and the Core Based Statistical Level (CBSA) level in 2016. Today we show there is a positive correlation between home price growth and the share of flipping activity in 2016 for different market segments: overvalued, normal and undervalued. A flipped property is defined as a...

Potential Homebuyers Seek Affordability and Warmth

Millennials Looking for Affordability and Jobs whereas Baby Boomers Looking for Affordability and Warmth

Archana Pradhan    |    Housing Trends

Top 16 States for In and Out Interstate Migration

Labor mobility in the U.S. has declined in recent years. Home owners are staying in their homes longer than in previous years. Corelogic data show homeowner mobility declining gradually over the past three decades.[1] Those homeowners who have wanted to move seem to be driven by economic opportunities, affordability and weather....

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