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“I must be covered; I have Homeowners Insurance!”

What you don’t know about your policy can hurt you... financially

Edward Martinez    |    Insurance


It’s often been said, “it’s better to have insurance and not need it than to need it and not have it” as a homeowner I do have insurance so I must be covered…. right....well there is more to the story.

Understanding what is and what is not covered requires an in-depth look into how Insurance policies differ from one another. Having a firm understanding...

Dwelling Data – Pun Intended!

Using Quality Data to Enhance User Experience

Susan Williams    |    Insurance

Couple looking for insurance

Insurers who sell homeowners insurance direct-to-consumer through a website must find that delicate balance between collecting enough information to quote and bind a policy with the possibility of consumer drop-off. Prepopulating data fields using known information about the homeowner and their home is one of the methods that some sites use to ease the data entry burden on the consumer and...

Determining Reconstruction Costs

Home features that have the greatest impact on reconstruction cost

Susan Williams    |    Insurance

Elements of Reconstruction Costs

Reconstruction cost, not market value or assessed value, is used by insurers to determine homeowner coverage limits and is an important factor in determining a policy’s premium. Because of the many variables involved, the estimating tools that insurers use to arrive at reconstruction costs have become much more sophisticated in recent years. 

At its most basic, the...

Spring Time Home Checklist

How homeowners can catch early signs of deterioration

Ward W. Melville    |    Insurance


When spring arrives after a long winter, most people are ready to get outside and enjoy warm weather activities. But before heading outdoors, homeowners should consider spending a few hours to inspect their homes for early signs of deterioration or weather damage. Taking the time to perform simple home maintenance after a long winter could help homeowners avoid big repair bills...

Claims-worthy Imagery; a Hybrid Approach

New Advances in Aerial Imagery Provide Viable Solution to Claims Adjusting

Susan Williams    |    Insurance

Hail Damage in Wylie TX April 2016

Every day it seems we see something in the news about insurers testing the feasibility of using drones to support claims adjusting. After all, using drones to gather imagery is better than the current alternative, which is to risk a climb by adjustors, engineers and inspectors onto roofs that may already be unstable or subject to additional damage by simply walking on them. However, whether...