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Is the Credit Cycle Turning?

Mortgage Performance is Beginning to Deteriorate

Sam Khater    |    Mortgage Performance

Delinquency Rate by Loan Type

The contours of a typical economic expansion and recession are strongly driven by loan performance. When times are good, lenders expand loan production to more marginal borrowers but when loan performance begins to deteriorate, lenders become more conservative, which often exacerbates an economic downturn. Therefore, an understanding of the credit cycle is important to understanding the...

Prepare for Higher Fraud Risk in 2017

The Warning Lights Keep Flashing

Bridget Berg    |    Mortgage Performance


At the end of 2016, the CoreLogic National Mortgage Application Fraud Risk Index matched its previous high level of 122. CoreLogic has been gauging fraud risk on this Index since Q3 2010, with a starting benchmark of 100. We anticipate the Q1 2017 Index, due out April 20, will record the highest level to date, likely breaking through the 130 mark.

As we’ve noted in the past, the...

Loan Performance Insights Highlights: Through January 2017

Current-to 30-Day Transition Rate at 15-Year Low

Molly Boesel    |    Mortgage Performance

Current to 30 Day Transition Rate
  • New monthly report emphasizes early distress signs
  • Delinquency rates fell in January 2017 compared with a year ago
  • North Dakota had the lowest mortgage delinquency rate

In January 2017, 5.3 percent of home mortgages were in some stage of delinquency, down from 6.4 percent a year earlier, according to the latest...

Housing Credit Index: Fourth Quarter 2016

Fourth Quarter Originations Exhibit Low Credit Risk, Consistent with the Previous Quarter

Archana Pradhan    |    Mortgage Performance

CoreLogic Overall Housing Credit Index
  • CoreLogic’s Housing Credit Index (HCI) found mortgage loans originated during Q4 2016 continued to exhibit low credit risk compared with the previous quarter and one year earlier. In terms of credit risk, loans originated during Q4 2016 are among the highest-quality home loans originated since the Millennium.
  • The average credit score for...

Foreclosure Report Highlights: 10-Year Retrospect of the US Residential Foreclosure Crisis

National Foreclosure Rate Down to Less Than 1 Percent From a High of 3.6 Percent

Molly Boesel    |    Mortgage Performance

FCL and Serious Delinq Rate

This year marks a decade since the start of the housing crisis[1]. Since mid-2007 more than 7.5 million homes have been foreclosed on according to a 10-year retrospect of the U.S. residential foreclosure crisis, “United...

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