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Mortgage Performance

A New Source of Shadow Inventory

Rising Rates May be Driving a Substantial Increase in the Shadow Inventory

Mark Fleming    |    Mortgage Performance

Last week, I wrote about the rise of housing obsolescence and shadow demand as one of the possible reasons for weak housing demand. Home sales aren’t increasing because even though there are buyers ready to own a home, they...

The State of the Multifamily Market

Demand for Multifamily Market Remains High

Sam Khater    |    Housing Trends, Mortgage Performance

Last week, I attended the National Multifamily Council’s Apartment Strategies Conference and was struck by the differences between hot single-family and multifamily markets. The strongest single-family markets – as evidenced by price increases – are primarily in California and include Stockton, Riverside, Oakland and Sacramento, as well as Las Vegas. The recoveries in these...

Jumbo Conforming Loan Originations 2013 YTD

The Minimal yet Targeted Impact of the HERA High Cost Loan Limits in Today’s Market

Kathryn Dobbyn    |    Housing Trends, Mortgage Performance

Roughly two years ago, there was a fierce debate amongst housing policy experts regarding the future of conforming loan limits brought on by the oncoming expiration of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. ARRA had temporarily raised the conforming loan limit for high-cost areas to $729,000 from mid-2009 to late 2011 and there was much consternation over whether or not to extend the duration of the higher loan limits. In the end, the bill was not extended and the loan limits for high-cost areas fell back down to the lower limits set forth in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA), which are calculated annually as a function of median house prices in local areas. Now that November is here, the time of year when updated conforming loan limits are traditionally announced, and as another fierce debate has begun around the future of the conforming loan limits, I...

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