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Natural Hazard Risk

Earthquake Risk: Spotlight on California

New Science is Transforming the Way Earthquake Risk is Managed

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Framework of UCERF3

Recent changes in earthquake hazard science in California are transforming the way we think about managing earthquake risk. The Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast (UCERF) is a multi-year project by a consortia of leading scientists known as the Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities (WGCEP) that offers a consensus-based view of earthquake hazard across...

Earthquake Safety

Drop, Cover and Hold On in the Great ShakeOut

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

The Great ShakeOut

On October 20, 2016, millions of people around the world will Drop, Cover and Hold On as part of the Great ShakeOut1, the largest earthquake drill in history. Several million earthquakes occur globally each year, but most are very small or happen in remote locations.2 Small-to-moderate and large-magnitude earthquakes may be felt in regions close to the...

Earthquake Risk: Spotlight on Italy

August 2016 Earthquake Strikes the Region Historically Prone to Earthquake Disasters

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Italy Earthquake

Italy is a vibrant country with a rich history of architecture, art, culture and culinary traditions. It is also a very seismically active region with an extensive history of damaging earthquakes. Destructive earthquakes regularly occur across the country, resulting in significant economic loss and human casualties. Since 1900, earthquake disasters in Italy have caused more than...

Earthquake Risk: Spotlight on the U.S.

Location Matters: A Cross-Country View

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

From businesses and corporations to the average person on the street, most people don’t think of natural hazard risk on a daily basis. Recently, major catastrophic floods and wildfires have made headlines, and the Midwest fears and plans for tornado season every year, while the East Coast prepares for hurricane season each summer. But what about earthquakes? Any time there’s a...

More than 6.8 Million US Homes at Risk of Hurricane Storm Surge Damage

Total Reconstruction Cost Value is More Than $1.5 Trillion

Tom Jeffery    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Total Number of Homes at Risk Nationally

Current projections for the 2016 hurricane season indicate that an average or slightly greater-than-average number of storms are expected compared with the 30-year average for the Atlantic basin. But as history has demonstrated, it is not only the number of storms that should be of concern, but also the location of the storms.1

The 2016 CoreLogic...

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