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Natural Hazard Risk

Understanding and Communicating Flood Risk

Expanding the National Conversation

Scott Giberson    |    Natural Hazard Risk

South Carolina Flooding Structure Value by Zip Code

Each year, November 30 marks the end of the Atlantic hurricane season, and beginning on December 1, hurricane experts start to compare the season’s activity to predictions; insurers and reinsurers...

Multi-Year Trend of Reduced Natural Hazard Activity Continues in 2015

Low-level hazard activity results in decreased damage and loss totals

Tom Jeffery    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Looking at the big picture, 2015 was a quiet year in terms of natural hazard activity. Overall, the trend of fewer natural hazard events and decreased damage totals that occurred in 2014 continued in 2015. However, if you ask the people of South Carolina, who were hit with record-setting 1,000-year rainfall that caused $1.5 billion worth of damage, they might say it was anything but...

Will This Earthquake Cause Damage? – Part 2

Tips to Think Like a Seismologist!

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

USGS ShakeMap

In a previous blog, we touched on understanding big earthquakes and the recent earthquakes that have caused impact around the globe. Today we will dive into tips on how to think like a seismologist in efforts to turn your panic in to preparedness, next time an earthquake is on your radar. To get a...

Will This Earthquake Cause Damage? – Part 1

Understanding Big Earthquakes

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Number of Earthquakes each year on average

Earthquakes have the potential to cause major destruction and disruption to society. Damage caused by earthquakes can be catastrophic and can have both a humanitarian and financial impact.  So when an earthquake occurs, having a prompt understanding of...

The Winds of Change are Blowing

Technology Tracks Wind at the Property Level, Providing More Precise Data

Lindene Patton    |    Natural Hazard Risk

Windy City Ranking

Everyone knows Chicago is the Windy City, or is it? According to new data released today by CoreLogic® that measures wind activity at the metro level, it turns out Jackson, MS, a city less than 15 percent the size of Chicago, claims the spot as the windiest city in the United States. The CoreLogic Windy City...

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