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Turning Words into Data

Determining Property Value from Public Listing Remarks

Matt Cannon    |    Property Valuation

Fig 1: Words having largest positive impact on price

Homebuyers and homeowners consider multiple factors when determining the value of a home.  Characteristics of the physical property such as the number of bedrooms, the size of the property and the number of bathrooms all have an impact on the property value.  Amenities such as granite counter tops and high-end appliances also impact the value, as does the neighborhood in which the...

Low-End Home Prices are the Fastest Appreciating Segment

National Home Prices up 6 Percent From a Year Ago

Molly Boesel    |    Property Valuation

Year over Year HPI Growth for 25 Highest Appreciating States
  • Home prices including distressed sales increased 6.3 percent year over year in November 2015 and remain 7.3 percent below the April 2006 peak.
  • Colorado had the largest year-over-year HPI growth.
  • The low-price tier increased faster than all other price tiers and is now 2.3 percent above its pre-crisis peak.

National home prices increased by 6.3...

Part 2: How Affordable are Condos?

Affordability Varies with Floor Area

Kristine Yao    |    Property Valuation

In the first part of our condo affordability blog, we examined how affordability varied by location. Some central locations proved to be unattainable for traditional condo buyers seeking affordable options, but what if we also compared housing costs relative to its size, or price per livable square foot? It doesn’t come as a surprise that condos located within the city’s core...

Part 1: How Affordable are Condos?

Affordability Varies By Location

Kristine Yao    |    Property Valuation

Price and shares by distance from city centers for top 25 condo markets

Conventional wisdom tells us that condos are more affordable (in other words, less expensive) than single-family detached homes, making condos a good entry-level option for aspiring millennial homebuyers. However, there are other factors influencing the rising demand. Condos tend to be located in higher-density markets that are attractive to homebuyers wanting walkability and a more urban...

Houses in the Cloud (of Price Dispersion)

David Stiff    |    Property Valuation

Case-Shiller Implied Volatility Estimates

The CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI®) and the CoreLogic Case-Shiller indexes track average home price trends. But every residential property is a unique bundle of physical characteristics (of both the housing structure and the lot) and location (proximity to jobs and schools and the attributes of the surrounding neighborhood). So the price paths of individual homes will vary...

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