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CoreLogic Chief Economist Perspective- August 2015

Drivers of Home-Price Growth

Frank Nothaft    |    Property Valuation, Videos

The CoreLogic National Home Price Index (HPI) grew 6.5 percent over the 12-month period through June 2015, but the price growth was not uniform across the country. Some cities, like Denver, Naples, FL and San Francisco, had double-digit appreciation, while others such as Baltimore, Boston and New Orleans had prices that were stagnant or declining. Why does home price growth...

CoreLogic Chief Economist Perspective- July 2015

Rental Remains Robust

Frank Nothaft    |    Housing Trends, Videos

CoreLogic Chief Economist Perspective- July 2015

A vibrant rental market has been an outgrowth of the Great Recession and housing market crash. Apartment vacancy rates are down to their lowest levels since the 1980s, rental apartment construction is the most robust in more than 25 years, rents are up, and apartment building values are at or above their prior peaks. But the rental market is more than just apartments in...

Chief Economist Update: June 2015 Economic Outlook

Home Sales on an Upswing

Frank Nothaft    |    Housing Trends, Videos

The overall economy has provided mixed signals on its performance so far this year, but one thing is clear: Home sales are off to a brisk start through April. We expect house prices in our national index to be up about 5 percent in the next 12 months, and mortgage rates are likely to move higher over the next year.

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