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CoreLogic Primer on How Earthquake Loss Modeling Benefits the Insurance Industry

Quantifying Risk Requires More than Hazard Data

Maiclaire Bolton    |    Videos

Maiclaire Bolton August Video Blog

The insurance industry primarily utilizes earthquake data through the use of probabilistic risk models.

Ultimately, the goal of using a probabilistic risk model is to...

U.S. Economic Outlook: August 2017

Foreign Buyers and Home-Price Growth: 15% nonresident foreign buyer tax enacted in Toronto and Vancouver

Frank Nothaft    |    Videos

Dr. Nothaft Video Blog

Major cities have been the entry gateway for immigrants to both the U.S. and Canada.  Today, about 13 percent of the U.S. population and 21 percent of the Canadian population is foreign born.  In Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, more than one-third of the population is foreign born. Immigrants to Canada have concentrated in the Toronto metro area, with...

U.S. Housing Policy Outlook: July 2017

CoreLogic Update on Mortgage Fraud Activity

Jacqueline Doty    |    Videos

Jacquie Doty Video Blog

Recently, we released our first quarter CoreLogic National Fraud Risk Index and, as we expected, the index hit a new high of 132. This was up from 122 in the fourth quarter and 113 a year ago. 

Keep in mind, the index is relatively new… it was started in 2010, after the high risk levels that contributed to the mortgage crisis. So today’s heightened...

U.S. Economic Outlook: July 2017

‘Hot’ Metrics for Home Sales: Sales within 30 days, and sales price above list, at new highs

Frank Nothaft    |    Videos

U.S. Economic Outlook: July 2017

Comparing home sales for the first five months of the year, 2017 has had the best sales market in a decade. The reasons for the rise in sales include the lowest unemployment rate since 2001, low mortgage rates, the rosiest consumer confidence in 17 years, and growing numbers of millennials looking to buy.


U.S. Housing Policy Outlook: June 2017

Appraisal Industry Reform in Washington, D.C.

Stuart Pratt    |    Videos

Stuart Pratt June 2017 Video Blog

As the 115th Congress continues to debate a wide range of fiscal and public policy priorities this summer, the issue of housing finance reform at large remains on the congressional to-do list. Part of that reform includes examining the future state of the appraisal industry. Of course, at CoreLogic, we care deeply about any reforms in this space because we are proud...

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