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U.S. Economic Outlook: April 2016

Interest Rates Are Low, but Will Rise: Home Mortgage Rates Likely to Go Above 4 Percent Before Year End

Frank Nothaft    |    Videos

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Interest rates have remained low for a considerable time in the U.S., and it is natural to wonder how much longer we may have such low rates. A partial answer came in mid-December when, after more than seven years of a near zero federal funds interest rate, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark target by one-quarter of a percentage point.


CoreLogic U.S. Housing Policy Update - The Candidates Start to Weigh In on Housing

April 2016

Faith Schwartz    |    Videos

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Earlier this year I commented on the fact that no presidential candidate was talking about housing.I’m pleased to share that the topic of housing is just starting to get some traction. Hillary Clinton at least has now weighed in with some policy prescriptions, and Bernie Sanders used the Nevada caucuses to remind Hispanic voters of the impact of foreclosures in that...

U.S. Economic Outlook: March 2016

Home Equity Loans Make a Comeback

Frank Nothaft    |    Videos

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After years of falling volume, home equity lending is making a comeback. For the past two years, origination volumes have been trending sharply higher as more homeowners benefit from home price appreciation and more lenders see opportunity in the loan segment.

During the first nine months of 2015, lenders approved nearly one million new home equity lines of credit...

CoreLogic U.S. Housing Policy - Don’t Forget Housing in the Race for the White House

Faith Schwartz    |    Videos

Presidential prospects from both parties haven’t been shy about taking positions on a wide range of issues: everything from immigration to healthcare and gun control to climate change. One issue that has been noticeably missing from the debate, at least so far, is housing.


U.S. Economic Outlook: February 2016

Rental Apartments in Demand: Rent Growth and Low Vacancy Drive New Development

Frank Nothaft    |    Housing Trends, Videos

If you have looked at the rental apartment market recently, whether to rent an apartment yourself or to invest in a building, you likely noticed that apartments are more expensive and less widely available than a few years ago.  That’s the case in most metro areas throughout the country, namely that rents are up and vacancy rates down, and these trends are clear...

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