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Housing Market Update Across Australia: February 2016

Tim Lawless    |    International, Videos

The capital city housing markets started the year off on a positive note with dwelling values rising by 0.9 percent in January. The month on month lift in dwelling values wasn’t enough to offset the weaker readings in December and November which dragged the rolling quarterly rate of capital gain down 0.6 percent.

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U.S. Economic Outlook: January 2016

Equity and Mortgage Debt: The Yin and Yang of Property Ownership

Frank Nothaft    |    Mortgage Performance, Videos

CoreLogic Economic Outlook Video January 2016

It’s common for a homebuyer to use both a down payment and a mortgage loan to acquire their home, in other words, a combination of equity and debt. As home prices rise and loans amortize, equity grows and debt shrinks. But if home prices fall, equity can be wiped out, leaving an owner with debt that exceeds the home’s value.

Fortunately, home prices in...

CoreLogic U.S. Housing Policy Update- A Deeper Dive on Florida

December 2015

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy, Videos

From the macro view of national and state figures, the recovery is well underway in the housing market as the U.S. continues to make gains from the nationwide downturn seen in the mid-2000s. Mortgage loans in delinquency continue their downward trends, and negative equity continues to subside even as the CoreLogic national Home Price Index (HPI) posts positive gains in home...

CoreLogic U.S. Housing Policy- Distressed Markets

December 2015

Faith Schwartz    |    Housing Policy, Videos

The housing recovery is coming along nicely. Overall the CoreLogic national Home Price Index (HPI®) has seen positive growth year over year for 42 consecutive months. This is very reassuring, but in some pockets of the country, the recovery has stalled and we are reminded: All housing is local. To better understand the nuances of recovery, let’s look at...

CoreLogic U.S. Economic Outlook- December 2015

Peering into 2016: The Outlook for Housing

Frank Nothaft    |    Mortgage Performance, Videos

As we approach the start of 2016, the consensus view among economists is that economic growth will continue and the U.S. will enter an eighth consecutive year of expansion in the second half of next year. Most forecasts place growth at between 2 and 3 percent during 2016, creating enough jobs to exert downward pressure on the national unemployment rate. If such macroeconomic...

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