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Non-Traditional Credit Report

A Non-traditional Credit Report from TeletrackTM contains unique credit performance information gathered from businesses that do not typically report prior payment activity to traditional credit reference agencies. When you request a credit report, you receive:

  • Credit Score, if applicable
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Validation
  • Previous Inquiries
  • Open & Paid Loan Performance
  • Open & Paid Charge-offs
  • Skip-Guard
  • Consumer Dispute Information

Traditional Credit Reports & Scores

CoreLogic® TeletrackTM enables you to combine information from our proprietary, alternative credit database with prime consumer credit data from traditional credit bureaus. Accessing traditional credit data and scores through Teletrack allows you to offer services to consumers based on their own prior credit performance at businesses similar to yours, as well as within the broader credit market.

Teletrack integrates and manages data from an extensive network of risk management solution providers. A request for credit information using this service, allows you to access four standard types of information — identifying information, credit history, public records and inquiries. Using this data in combination with credit performance information from Teletrack, can help maximize profitability by providing five critical benefits:

  • Reduce exposure to high risk accounts
  • Increase speed by using less data for better decisions
  • Increase efficiency by quickly handling approvals/declines
  • Increase consistency across the organization
  • Increase approval rates

In addition to a credit report from traditional credit bureaus, you also have the ability to access a number of credit scores. Credit scores allow you to make quick, uniform decisions, perform unbiased applicant review, and develop more sophisticated lending strategies. Teletrack offers access to the most commonly used consumer credit scores as well as non-prime and industry-specific credit scores from the major credit repositories and service providers.


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