The threat is real. Are you prepared?

We’ve Helped Our Lenders Prevent Nearly $11 Million in Multi-Lien Fraud in 2017 Alone!

As home prices rise, many lenders look to home equity lending as a fast, cost-effective way to increase business. But an increase in home equity lending also creates more opportunities for fraud.

The Multi-Closing Alert Program (MCAP) gives lenders the power to prevent multi-lien fraud by harnessing data from a consortium of the industry’s top lenders. 

  • Detected more than 1,800 fraud cases and prevented more than $264 million in fraud losses since 2007
  • $10.9 million in fraud “saves” since the beginning of 2017
  • Saved members up to $8 for every $1 spent

For a limited time, CoreLogic is offering a 90-day free trial in MCAP. Sign up by March 31, 2018 to take advantage of this great offer and stop multi-lien fraud in its tracks.

Multi-Closing Alert Program

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